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I am one of those people who does not like clutter – especially in my kitchen. I like things to be off the counter and stored in cupboards where they belong to ensure that I have as much work space as possible. In partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, I’m sharing my favourite ways to keep your kitchen clutter-free in this post!

Of course before diving into any organizational system, I always recommend doing a pare-down or decluttering of items so that you’re only organizing the items that you need to keep.

Here is what I have in my kitchen to make the most of the space that I have to work with and keep everything tidy and in its place! 

Drawer Organizers

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I am a firm believer in drawer organizers and have them in the majority of my kitchen drawers. I like to keep cutlery organized as well as different baking tools and serving dishes. I personally prefer wood or bamboo organizers because I feel like they look a little nicer. Shop: Bamboo Cutlery Trays

Utensil Crock

We love to cook in our house and have a number of large utensils and wooden spoons that we keep in a crock on the counter, rather than in the drawer. These utensils are often difficult to store in drawers and this way they’re close at hand when we need them. This is one of the only items that I keep on my countertop. Here are a few options:

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Shop: LeCreuset Utensil Crock | Modern Farmhouse Utensil Crock
Oggi Giant Stainless Steel Utensil Crock | OXO GoodGrips Utensil Crock

Baking Pans

I used to store my baking pans in that little drawer beneath my stove and every time I wanted something out of there, I felt like I had to take everything out and *fingers crossed* remember how it all went back in so it would close again. Well, no more! Now I have all of my pans in a cupboard where they are easily accessible.

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I have all of my baking sheets and large pans stored on their sides with dividers to hold them up. I keep all of my cake, pie and bread pans on a shorter shelf above.

Shop: Cabinet Storage Rack | Pull-Out Storage Rack

Reusable Containers

I like to store my containers stacked on top of one another with their lids on. This doesn’t work for everyone for reasons such as space constraints. For those of you who need to keep you containers tidy in a small space, I recommend a cabinet organizer like this one:

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Shop: YouCopia® StoraLid Large Food Container Lid Organizer

Packaged Spices & Baking Items

What do you do with all of those pouches of gravy mix or taco seasoning that seem to fall over in the spice cupboard? I like to keep mine in a clear bin where they can all stand up nicely. This allows me to flip through them to find what I need. Storing them in a bin also makes it easier to keep them on a higher shelf allowing me to pull the bin down only when needed.

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Shop: iDesign® Cabinet Binz™ Storage Bins

I like to keep seasonal spices like cloves, nutmeg, vanilla beans, etc. as well as baking items such as food colouring, cream of tartar and vanilla sugar packets in clear bins, too. Grouping these items together makes them easier to store in your kitchen or pantry. I keep items like cookie cutters in these bins on high shelves as well.

Water Bottles

I keep all of my water bottles stored on their side in a bin (so they don’t roll around). I also like to keep a careful inventory of how many re-useable water bottles we have and make sure we never have more than we need so we don’t get caught with clutter.

3 Things I Bet You Didn’t Consider
When Organizing Your Kitchen

Your cupboard shelves are adjustable! Take a look inside your kitchen cupboards and notice how you can adjust shelves up and down for your organizational needs!

The space above your cabinets is valuable storage space! The cabinetry in my kitchen goes straight to the ceiling, but not every kitchen is designed that way. In reality, when I built my home, I really just closed the space above my upper cabinets up with smaller cabinets. This is where I store items like cookie cutters, cake stands, vases and seasonal items. If this space is open in your kitchen, consider a uniform set of baskets to hold extra items.

The space beneath your sink is unused! Many only store items like garbage bags and dish soap underneath their sinks, but consider adding a pull-out cupboard organizer to store even more under there!

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