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I make this salad more than any other and it has become a favorite of dinner party guests and a request at pot luck meals.  I love its simplicity and flexibility and it pairs well with a lot of different meals.  You can use any quantity of vegetables, too (I usually use more cucumbers than anything else because they’re a favorite of mine).


~Tomatoes       ~Cucumbers
~Onions            ~Dill
~Walnut Oil     ~Salt & Pepper


Cucumbers: I prefer English Cucumbers, but any will do (even the mini ones).  I prefer to slice them thinly with a mandoline.


Tomatoes: I use standard ‘on the vine’ tomatoes, but this salad is great with roma, heirlooms or any other variety.  I make 1/2 inch thick slices and then cut each into 6 pie-shaped sections.


Onions: I like to use green onions, but others prefer thinly sliced red or white onions as well.  I have found that green onions have less bite, but don’t always provide the great purple accent that the red onions do.

Dill: Fresh dill is one of the keys to this salad.  I either chop it or tear it up (depending on time and how picky I want to get).  If I have them on hand, I will throw in some fresh chives as well.


Walnut Oil: My favorite is Roasted French Walnut Oil (Blue Door Oil & Vinegar) as it seems to provide the best flavor for this salad.  Other nut oils like Pistachio or Almond work great, too, or Olive Oil if you have nut allergies.  Drizzle enough to properly coat the vegetables.

Grind in some sea salt and black pepper and mix.


I like to serve this in a white bowl like this one from Maxwell & Williams (exact bowl shown is from Maxwell & Williams, discontinued).



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