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Something that I hear more often from my readers than you’d realize is that my DIY posts look super do-able, but they just don’t have the tools. And if you aren’t a frequent DIYer like I am, it’s hard to justify spending money on the tools required so the entire project ends up feeling like a non-starter. In my search for ways to make your life easier (and to make these DIYs something you can do), I stumbled upon Ruckify!

Ruckify might be the best thing to come to the share economy yet. Ruckify allows you to rent practically anything from people in your area! Need a tile saw? Ruckify it. Need a mitre saw? Ruckify it. Need something small or simple like a caulking gun, laser level or even a ladder? Ruckify it. Ruckify it. Ruckify it.

The other thing to consider with tools, especially large ones like a mitre or table saw, is that you don’t just have to purchase them – you have to find somewhere to store them, too. This is one more way that Ruckify simplifies your life. Being able to rent something for a day, a weekend or even a week (or as long as you need) instead of having to buy it and store it is amazing. Or maybe you have purchased the tools (and are storing them) but you don’t use them that often – why not rent them out on Ruckify to make some extra cash? Either way, you win.

Here are just some of the projects that I’ve featured on my blog where using Ruckify can help you get the job done!

My Pantry, Mud Room & Laundry
Room Renovation

For this project we needed a ton of different tools, some simple and some less common. It’s not every day that you do a large reno in your home so it might not make sense to buy every single tool listed here – because that’s sure to increase your project costs. For this project we used the following:

  • Circular Saw
  • Hack Saw
  • Compound Sliding Mitre Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Caulking Gun
  • Drill & Driver
  • Tile Saw
  • Grout Float & Trowel
  • Ladder
  • Level

My Pantry Floating Shelves

Even installing something simple like a set of floating shelves requires a few different tools – whether the shelves are custom made or off-the-shelf from IKEA. For this project we needed:

  • Caulking Gun (for construction adhesive)
  • Drill & Driver
  • Level
  • Ladder

My Master Bedroom DIY Millwork/Board & Batten Feature Wall

I love to tell my audience how inexpensive and simple this project is, but the truth of the matter is it’s the materials that are inexpensive and doing it yourself that lowers the cost. If you don’t have the tools for the job, simple and expensive go out the window in a hurry. Instead of spending hundreds on a saw, you can keep this project under $100 if you Ruckify the tools you need. I used the following tools:

  • Compound Sliding Mitre Saw
  • Laser Level
  • Spirit Level
  • Ladder
  • Caulking Gun

My Main Bathroom Reno Reveal

I know that tile work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or in everyone’s skillset, but it isn’t that hard if you have the right tools. This is one scenario when using Ruckify to rent the tools you need makes a ton of sense. Unless you’re a tile installer on the side, buying a tile saw (or two) to re-tile a bathroom or a small area of your home is frivolous. Here are the tools I needed for this project:

  • Wet Saw
  • Wishbone Tile Cutter
  • Grout Float
  • Trowel
  • Caulking Gun

Looking For A Little Side-Hustle Cash?

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself while reading this post, “Wow, Carlee, sounds like you have a lot of tools!” and you’d be right to think that. Want to know what I plan to do with some of them? I plan to rent them out on Ruckify. We aren’t doing DIYs every day, it’s not every week that we need to cut some tile or that we decide to tear up and redo our backyard deck. To be honest, accommodating the storage of all of these things isn’t my favourite, but now thanks to Ruckify, I can rent these tools out to make some cash for my next DIY…or if my husband spies a new tool he wants to buy!

Want to post your stuff for rent? Click here for more details!

One item in particular that we plan on posting to Ruckify is our 24-foot extension ladder. It’s great for the once a year we hang our Christmas lights and the once a year that we take those lights down but other than that, it just sits in storage. We also have what our friends joke as “all the saws” (as you read in this post) and plan to rent out some of those as well.

Looking to rent some of these items? Get $35 off your first rental (that’s $35 Ruck Bucks!) with code SPARKLE or just click here!

This post is sponsored but the views expressed are my own.

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