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If you’ve been a reader of Styled to Sparkle for awhile, you’ll know how much I love Drybar and all of their products.  Sadly, they don’t have a blowout bar location in my city so it has taken me awhile to indulge in the full experience.  Luckily this fall, while on a layover in Dallas, Texas, I was able to head out to their Highland Park location and give it a whirl!

The Atmosphere
Drybar Interior Photo

The entire place buzzed with happiness!  Chick-flicks played on the TVs, guests were either casually flipping through magazines or deeply engaged in conversation with their stylists.  Everyone was sipping mimosas, champagne, white wine and even flavored waters!  The vibe of positivity was felt from the moment I stepped in the door and engaged with the receptionist to the time I walked out the door with a beautiful blowout.  It really just made me feel sad that the closest Drybar to me is 9 hours away!

The Menu of Styles

Drybar Menu of Styles

One of the best things about Drybar is the ‘menu‘ – a book filled with photos of the styles that they provide.  Each style features photos of the style on different hair types, textures, colors and lengths, making it easy for you to envision what it will look like on you.  The stylists also know these looks inside out and this helps them to give advice on how to make a blowout style last as long as possible based on your individual hair profile.

I chose the ‘Cosmo-Tai‘ as I was heading down to a more humid climate than I was used to (NOLA) and wanted my blowout to survive! (i.e. for my hair’s natural curl not to ruin it).

Carlee at Drybar

The Products

Drybar Sauce

The stylist explained each product she was going to use and why.  This not only provided me with information on how to achieve the style myself at home, but for making blowouts last, which Drybar products would be best suited for my hair and why, etc.  I’ll be honest – there isn’t a Drybar product that I have tried that I haven’t loved.

Drybar Tools

The Diversity

One of things that struck me as amazing was the diversity of people at Drybar – both the clientele and the stylists.  It really goes to prove how universal the feeling of a great blowout is!  I loved how each stylist had their own flair and style.  The celebration of individuality made me proud to be a customer.  It also showed me that out of these stylists who all had different hair types, someone would know how to handle my hair!

Easy Booking

I should mention that one of the best things about Drybar is that you can book online, but also via the Drybar App!  It’s so easy to use and looks like this:

Drybar App Interface


If you haven’t figured it out, I’m pretty into Drybar and all they have to offer!  I hope that you head to one of their bars when you get the chance!  The price is right for a great experience (and a few days of not having to do your own hair!).  I’ll be sure to post more reviews of their products and tools soon, too!

If there isn’t a location near you and you’re looking to get great blowouts like this at home, pick up a copy of Alli Webb’s book “The Drybar Guide To Good Hair For All”.

Good Hair For All

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