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Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day!

Normally I would put together a collage of items that I think any mom would love but this year, I wanted to do things a little bit differently. The more I think about Mother’s Day, the more I think about buying a gift just for the sake of it and going through the motions rather than thinking of something uniquely thoughtful to Mom. With that in mind, here are my suggestions for this year’s Mother’s Day!

Unique Gift Ideas

I love to find thoughtful gifts, rather than just another “I Love You Mom” mug…didn’t she get enough of those when you were growing up? Here are a few more personalized gift ideas:

Photos are something all moms cherish, but do you have any recent photos of the two of you together? Why not set up a date with a photographer and have some nice family photos taken. You can then get them printed/framed and give them to mom (and dad, too!). Candid ones like these are always my favorite!

Subscriptions are one of my favorite gifts because they keep giving all year long. They’re also super easy to purchase as gifts because it can all be done online and there are no shipping costs! I love that there is a subscription out there for every interest, so these gifts are really easy to personalize. Check out some of my favorite subscriptions here!

A Course/Class on something she loves to do is another idea. Maybe your mom likes to golf or play tennis and would love a clinic to help work on her swing. Maybe she’s always wanted to learn how to make pasta or french pastry or learn how to arrange perfect floral centrepieces. Whatever your mom likes to do, there’s a class for it! (P.S. this is a great way to show her that you care about her interests!)

Want To Send Flowers?

Some moms just love flowers and look forward to a beautiful spring bouquet each May. Rather than sending the standard cookie-cutter bouquet, why not dig a little deeper. Is there a flower that your mom absolutely loves? Is there a bouquet that would remind her of a beautiful memory?

What Does Mom Need?

Moms tend to not need very much and they certainly don’t ask for it when they do! Even moms need to recharge their batteries and fill their wells.

Maybe your mama has been stressed out lately and could use a massage or an afternoon at the spa! A gift card to her favorite local spot, or maybe a fancier place than she’d splurge on for herself would make for a thoughtful gift. What would Mom like that much more? I bet planning a Mother-Daughter Spa Day would really make her Mother’s Day! Can’t commit to an entire day at the spa? Why not pedicures!

Does your mom love to cook but just hasn’t had time lately? Why not a gift certificate to a service like Chef’s Plate where she can order meals that she can make at home herself without the hassle of planning or grocery shopping.

What Does Mom Want?

In all likelihood what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day is to spend time with you! It might be fun to plan a brunch or maybe make a reservation for high tea at a local spot and get dressed up for it! Sometimes just an afternoon spent on the patio drinking sangria is the right activity, too.

If geography is getting in the way, then why not surprise your mama with a plan for the next time you’re set to see each other!


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