Charcuterie Plates: Jams & Jellies

Everyone likes a bit of jam or jelly on a charcuterie plate.  A bit of sweet fruit compote can pair well with certain meats and cheeses.



I like to make homemade preserves every year and when I do, I make the jams listed below in small half-cup (125mL) jars.  It’s just enough for a generous charcuterie plate and it’s always fresh that way (instead of always dipping into the same larger jar).  The jars themselves also look quite rustic on a cheese board.  I also find that these make really great personalized hostess gifts.

Fig ~ I find fig jam to be the most versatile of charcuterie jams.  It’s thick and you don’t need a lot.  It’s also one of those fruits that is only found seasonally in many locations, so having it preserved and prepared in a jar is quite handy.

Pear & Spiced Pear ~ I prefer pear jams with white wines and aged cheeses (like a Balderson white cheddar).  I find the spiced pear gives something a bit extra and adds a festive element to the fruit, particularly in the colder weather months.  Pears have such a great natural sweetness so I try not to add too much sugar when I make this jam.

Plum & Spiced Plum ~ This is another highly versatile charcuterie jam.  I love to bake it inside a wheel of brie with walnuts or pecans (this is a family favorite).  It compliments most cured meats and is great with a glass of merlot.  Spiced plum is also great around Christmas and in the cold-weather months.

Apricot ~ Apricot jam is another one that I like to pair with brie (baked or otherwise).  It’s also really great with walnuts and pecans (regular or candied).  I also like that it pairs well with white wines, too.  I like peach jams, too, but I find that the flavor of apricot is a bit deeper and lends itself better to charcuterie.

Cherry ~ Cherry jam is my absolute favorite, hands down.  There is something about the combination of sweet and tart that I love.  I also have a few cherry trees in my back yard, so this is literally a farm-to-table jam for me.  I like it with red or white wine, too.  There are also so many varieties of cherries out there that you can find different flavor profiles within the same fruit.  I also like to candy and preserve cherries as these are nice in a small dish on a charcuterie plate as well.

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica