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Looking to try something new to drink on a patio this summer?  Try a Stiegl Radler with a special twist…


To start off, here’s some background info:
Radlers appear to be increasing in popularity this summer when it comes to beers.  For those of you new to the word, a radler is a “drink popular in Bavaria made from mixing beer with soda, usually lemon-lime soda (sometimes called a Shandy in other parts of Europe)”.

My favourite (so far) is that of Stiegl.  Their radler a blend of 40 % Stiegl Goldbräu and 60% lemonade (in this case, grapefruit).  It is lovely on a hot summer day, and is only a mere 2.5% a.b.v. on its own.

Now, here’s the twist:
I like to add a one ounce shot of Absolut Vanilia (the brand’s vanilla-flavoured vodka).  The flavours pair really well together and it also gives the drink a bit more oomph as far as alcohol content goes.

For best results, pour the beer into a pint glass and then carefully pour the shot down the centre of the drink.  No mixing required.


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