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Homemade ice candles are such an easy way to decorate outside in the winter weather!  I remember making these with my grandparents as a kid (I actually had to call them to get instructions to make them myself this year!).  Note: This does require that you live in a northern climate!

Materials Needed:
– Ice cream pail or other plastic container
– Water
– Butter knife
– Tea light candles (I prefer LEDs)


  1. Fill a pail with water and set outside to freeze.
  2. Allow the water to freeze, but not completely solid.  Ensure that ice is at least 1″ thick around the edges.
  3. You will see bubbles forming inside the frozen mass.
  4. Smash centre of cavity with a butter knife and dump the water out.  This will be your cavity.
  5. Carefully turn the pail over and rub the edges, easing the ice out (if it is really frozen, allow the pail to sit in the kitchen sink for a bit to melt a bit to more easily slide out).
  6. Place a candle inside the cavity.  You’re done!

I prefer to use LED tea lights as they are battery powered and much easier than lighting traditional candles.  To decorate, I like to put pine and spruce bows around the candles to feel more festive.

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