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I love cutting down my own Christmas tree each year!  With that comes a lot of extra pieces of tree that can be re-used in so many ways.  This log banner is one of my favorite ways to use up parts of the tree trunk!



  • Using a Mitre Saw, cut the tree log into pieces that are approximately 1-2cm thick.  Cut as many as you will need for your banner message.
  • Allow pieces to dry (this make take quite some time!).  To speed up the process, I put mine on a parchment-lined baking sheet and baked until they started to dry out.
  • Drill small holes through the top-centre of each round (large enough for your string to pass through).
  • Align stencil letter in centre of round.  Dab paint through the stencil on each piece.  Allow paint to dry.
  • Cut pieces of string (each of an equal length) for each letter round. Run the string through each hole.
  • Tie each piece of string to a long, large piece of string in the correct order.  Loop ends of the long string and hang in desired place!


  • To ensure the string of each letter-round stays in place on the large string, I dabbed a bead of hot glue to hold them in place.
  • Store in a ziplok bag to keep nice for seasons to come!

See our post on Christmas Tree Crafts for other great ways to use pieces of your real tree!

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