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Canada is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on earth and if you live in Western Canada, much of it is in your own backyard! One place that I feel like is often left unexplored is Yoho National Park. Many pass by this park on their way to and from British Columbia from Calgary or the Banff area. I believe this area is a must-see and so I’m sharing all the info with you here.

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Yoho National Park is located in British Columbia, 220km west of Calgary, Alberta on the TransCanada Highway. It is right next to Banff National Park in Alberta. Some may say that this park is really just the British Columbia side of Banff National Park as the two kind of flow into one another.

What I love about Yoho is that it is a little bit further from “civilization” than Banff and Lake Louise making it a little quieter. There also are not as many hotels, shops or restaurants which is part of what makes it a great place to unplug and get away from it all. As Emerald Lake is in the heart of Yoho National Park, a lot of this guide will be focussed around this area.

I feel like this is one part of Canada that can only be described in so many words, so check out my YouTube Video here! In this video, I take you from Calgary, Alberta to Yoho National Park, British Columbia where we’ll explore Emerald Lake, Field and Takakkaw Falls.

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What’s inside:

  • What To See + Do in Yoho National Park in All 4 Seasons!
  • Where To Stay in Yoho National Park
  • Where To Eat in Emerald Lake, Field and Yoho National Park
  • What To Pack For Your Trip to Yoho National Park + The Canadian Rockies
  • Tips + Tricks For Visiting Canada’s National Parks in The Canadian Rocky Mountains

Additional Tips

  • You will be required to display a National Park Pass in the windshield of your vehicle if you stop anywhere within Canada’s National Parks. These passes can be purchased at the National Park Gates when you enter from Alberta (right before Banff), or when you enter from British Columbia.
  • Keep in mind reduced highway speeds (90km/h) in Canada’s National Parks. These are strictly enforced.
  • On the drive you are likely to see wildlife on the road – please enjoy them from inside your vehicle and do not approach wildlife as it can be incredibly dangerous.
  • There are a couple additional view points you might want to stop at such as Spiral Tunnels and Natural Bridge.
  • You might want to rent a canoe at Emerald Lake – their gorgeous red canoes make for beautiful Instagrammable photos!

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