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We’re a family that enjoys the great outdoors all year round which is why I didn’t entitle this post What’s In My Summer Hiking Pack or What’s In My Winter Hiking Pack. The majority of what I carry in my hiking pack doesn’t change from season to season and I’m sharing all those goodies with you here!

Personal Items & First Aid

I always pack a first aid kit in my hiking pack, like this one from Cabela’s, but I also add in a few extras like fun bandaids for the kiddos and Betadine Antiseptic Spray for cuts and scrapes.

I also pack sunscreen lip balm from Eco Lips. It gets so dry here in Alberta that lips get extra dry on the trail, so it’s always important to have these in your pack or pocket!

Favorite Snacks

Snacks for the trail are one of my favorite parts of hiking (no lie!). I’ll pack things like trail mix and water but a couple of special extras that I love to include are: Built Bars and drink packets from Halo Hydration. I love both of these products because they aren’t sweet and give me extra energy. I also pack GOODTO GO Bars because they’re delicious and my entire family loves them (especially the little one!). Use code SPARKLE for 15% off any order!

I am someone who doesn’t like protein bars, but I have to ration myself on Built Bars because they are so delicious! They come in a ton of different flavours (I love the coconut) and they are all yummy.

I love drink powder packets like the ones from Halo Hydration because I don’t have to pre-mix them. I can just make them on the go in a water bottle! They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes which are so important for replenishing your system. Tip: Leave some of these in the car for your post-adventure quench!

A Multi-Use Towel

These towels from Tesalate come in two sizes, single and double, and weigh in at 500g and 1kg respectively. I know these are a bit heavy for a towel in your hiking pack, but for the day, it’s well worth it. These dry fast and can be used for shade, a picnic blanket or as an actual towel if you decide to take a dip while on the trail! I personally love them for the beach because they’re “sand free”, but when it comes to the outdoors, I love them here, too, because other things from the forest floor don’t stick to them either.

Back Country Communication Devices

It’s so important to be able to communicate and chat with those who are in your group or to be able to reach someone who is back at the car/cabin/basecamp just in case. My family has used Midland radios for years, so when we started going more into the backcountry, we knew we could count on them for the right devices.

The X-TALKER T71 walkie talkie features up to a 38-mile range and features 36 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes, Channel Scan, and Midland’s signature NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology.

Midland also offers an emergency radio that can be crank-powered. The model is called the ER210 and is the perfect addition to any preparedness kit or gear bag. It offers AM/FM radio along with NOAA weather alert channels to keep you connected no matter where you are.

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