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If you haven’t already determined this from my Insta, we love to take our little Hattie with us everywhere, when possible. She’s a frequent flyer, road tripper and cross-border traveler. We haven’t taken her overseas yet, but I could see a trip to Japan or Europe in her future! Our little dog-child is a seasoned jet-setter!

Of course we always travel with her vaccination documentation and any other veterinary information we may require, but that didn’t give us a way to document all the places that our little cockapoo has visited. We tried buying those vintage suitcase stickers and sticking them to her kennel, but she doesn’t really use the clunky kennel and those stickers aren’t as easy to find as you’d think – plus they’re usually giant and we were running out of room!

Enter The Pet Pass. First of all, it looks like a real passport with photo, personal information and space for all of the visas and stamps. Seriously, how awesome is this?!

Getting The Pet Pass for Hattie was super easy – I filled out all of the necessary information (or info that I wanted included), uploaded a headshot of her and waited for it in the mail!

You know that when I love, love, love something that I have to share it with you – this is one of those times!! I am obsessed with The Pet Pass and I think you need this in your life for your fur children! I love documenting all of our special family travel memories that Hattie was a part of and this is such a lovely keepsake way to do that.

All About The Pet Pass

The Pet Pass isn’t just a tool to record your pet’s travels! The latest design that was launched mid last year includes sections for vaccination records and extra information about your pet and yourself – almost like an I.D. that keeps it all in one place!

You also have an option to buy the Standard Pet Pass in which the main page comes blank and you can fill in the information yourself by hand. I personally prefer the pro-design because it’s all printed and looks so authentic – it’s Hattie’s very own Passport!

Pet Pass Add-Ons!

We often travel to the USA and as I mentioned before, we would often look for state stickers to record all of the different spots that Hattie had visited.

This is another area where The Pet Pass shines. Not only can you get a set of US State Stamp Stickers for your Pet Pass, but they also have a spot on each of them to mark the travel date on the stickers themselves!

The Story of The Pet Pass

After speaking with Nadia, the creator of The Pet Pass, I was so struck by the story that inspired her to create it that I have to share it with you, too:

Nadia first created The Pet Pass when traveling to Europe with her cat, Luna. She had created something quite quickly, but throughout her trip, she had countless strangers approaching her asking where she’d got it! This led to the inspiration of having it professionally designed and printed. Below: Nadia + Luna!

On her final trip with Luna, the customs officer did not hesitate to stamp her Pet Pass. How cute is it that she had her own stamp in her passport?! Many customs officers have no problems stamping the pass as a souvenir. (note that the pet pass does not replace veterinary documents and vaccination records)

I believe in The Pet Pass and Luna was my great inspiration. Luna passed back in June a month before her 18th birthday so The Pet Pass is very near and dear to me. I am a HUGE animal person and will treat any of our pets as members of the family. So if you have a passport, why not them? – Nadia, Creator of The Pet Pass

Hattie The Jet-Setter!

I swear Hattie has been to more places than some humans that we know! Here are a few snapshots from her travels that we plan on documenting in her new Pet Pass!

?: Hattie in the Canadian Rockies at Lake Minnewanka

?: Hattie at the 8th Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California

?: Hattie at Clearwater Beach, Florida

?: Hattie at The Grand Canyon

?: Hattie Road Trippin’ Somewhere in North America…

?: Hattie the Jet-Setting Cockapoo!

?: Hattie Showing Her National Pride!


Want a Pet Pass for your pet? Click any of the links in this article – they’ll take you directly to!

You can also follow them on Social @thepetpassport where you can check out other pets and their Pet Passes!


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