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Sometimes I feel like a handwritten thank you note is a lost art, a tradition no longer passed down from our mothers and potentially lost in the age of texting.  Amy Poehler says in her book “YES PLEASE” that she thinks the world would be a much better place if we said “please and thank you” a lot more and I have to agree.

I’m a person who takes great care in curating gifts for others.  I keep a list of ideas of things for friends and family in my phone so when birthdays or weddings or graduations come up, I’m not stumped on what to get someone.  I know this process isn’t for everyone, but it’s my process and I take great pride in finding gifts people will actually use and love, rather than a random gift for the sake of it.

With wedding season in full swing, it’s hard not to feel a bit jaded when months later, after curating a thoughtful (and expensive) gift for someone, there is no acknowledgement of the gesture whatsoever.  I think it’s particularly slighting as wedding and baby gifts are so expected now that often those receiving these expected gifts cannot be bothered to show their appreciation.

The handwritten thank-you note speaks volumes simply as a medium and sends the message that you care enough to invest yourself personally in acknowledging another.” – Emily Post.

Thank you notes for birthday gifts seem almost unnecessary in this age, but when it comes to things like weddings, baby and bridal showers or graduations (i.e. when the gifts cost significantly more!), I think it is important to thank others for their gifts.

Some might argue that they sent out online invites, so why should they mail a thank you note?  To this I must quote Ms. Post again: “Would I ever send a digital thank-you for a gift I was given? No way. It just isn’t enough—not personal enough, not weighty enough. You can’t hold digital thanks in your hands the way you can hold a note. When was the last time you printed out an e-card? Right. Email is read and deleted. A mailed note is seen again and again on a desk or counter. Would you rather your thanks be remembered or deleted?” (from The Importance of The Hand-Written Thank You Note).

minted custom card
There are so many cute stationary options now, too, and so many online printing sites offer customizable cards (like this one shown above from where you can add photos of your special day or new baby to add a personal touch.  Thank you notes offer a one-time mailing option of a birth or marriage announcement all in one card!

Thank you notes aren’t just for gifts either – they can be for a business referral, for a customer purchase or a professional meeting.  Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note!

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something impactful about a handwritten note coming in the mail.  When someone takes the time to write something by hand, find your address and put a stamp on a letter, it means so much more than a cursory text message.  Maybe if we were more appreciative of one another the world would be a happier place.

Not sure where to start?  Here are some of my favorite boxed Thank You Cards that I like to keep on hand!


  1. Waste Not Gold Chandelier Foil Thank You, Set of 10 ($18.95, IndigoChapters).
  2. Studio Oh! Chalkboard Thank You Note Cards, Set of 12 ($13.99, IndigoChapters).
  3. Kate Spade New York Note Card Set, Thank You Multi, Set of 10 ($20, IndigoChapters).

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