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I guess you could say it’s “barbecue season” right now, but in our house, that “season” is 365. Our barbecue grill gets used more often than the oven in our kitchen! With that in mind, it seemed only natural to expand our outdoor cooking area.

As lovers of southern barbecue and all things slow-smoked, a smoker seemed like the next logical addition to our ‘appliance’ set. We weren’t 100% sure which model was right for us, so I headed over to to see what they had to offer!

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I wanted something that would fit our budget and be super versatile. I love shopping on Wayfair because I can use their filters to see what I can make work. The site also provides customer reviews and a comprehensive list of specs on each item.

We wanted a smoker that could do both hot and cold smoking, had adjustable racks, versatile cooking options and plenty of available accessories. We also wanted something low-mess and low-maintenance. This is why we decided on the Bradley Smoker.

Why We Chose a Bradley Smoker

The smoker bisquettes are compact and come in a ton of different “flavours”. You can mix-and-match and combine woods. I suggest starting with a variety pack so you can try the most commonly used aromas. Looking for just one specific aroma? Wayfair’s got those, too, which makes restocking supplies a breeze!

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

What I love about the Bradley Smoker is the lack of mess. All of the components can go in the dishwasher. Yes, you read that right. If you know me, you know I don’t mind doing dishes, but if something can go in the dishwasher and thus spare my manicure, then all the better!

I suggest ordering a few extra racks and a nice set of BBQ tongs to make the most of your smoker! Don’t worry – has a ton of Bradley Smoker specific accessories as well as a ton of great other outdoor cooking items to make the most of your grilling, smoking and more! Happy Cooking!

A Few Extra Outdoor Kitchen Necessities!

Even if you don’t live in a colder climate like we do, I highly recommend getting the all-weather cover for your smoker. It’s worth purchasing the Bradley Smoker-brand cover as it fits perfectly and protects the smoker from the elements.

bradley smoker coverWant to make your outdoor kitchen area really stand out? Why not take it one step further and order the Bradley Smoker Kitchen Cart with Wood Top! This cart is perfect for next to your smoker for prepping and serving your food. The wood top is a great place to rest the meat once it comes out of the smoker and from there you can slice and serve – all in one place!

bradley smoker kitchen cart with wood top, outdoor kitchenThis kitchen cart is also sized perfectly to fit beneath your smoker, too. This saves you from bending and straining your back when cooking with the smoker while providing some great extra outdoor storage!

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