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Nashville is one of those cities in the USA that you absolutely need to visit. Here is my story of my first visit (first of many, I assure you) to Nashville, Tennessee. At the bottom of this article you’ll find a link to my detailed travel guide that includes everything you need to plan your own trip to the Music City.

As someone who lives in Calgary (a city often dubbed “Nashville North”), I wondered if Nashville would be like a 24/7/365 miniature version of the Calgary Stampede sans midway. I assumed it would be people dressed in cowboy garb with country music playing everywhere you turned. I could not have been more wrong. So many people think that they won’t like Nashville because they don’t like country music, or they don’t like cowboy culture or that there isn’t anything there for them to see. Those people just don’t know what Nashville is really about and what it has to offer.

Do you like good food? Do you like music of any kind? Do you like art, culture, history, architecture, shopping or sports? Then Nashville is somewhere you need to visit.

Lovers of all things southern (especially the food, drink, history, architecture and climate), my husband and I took a trip to Nashville this spring to see what it had to offer.

Of course we planned our visit for when the Calgary Flames were playing the Nashville Predators so we could experience the unique hockey crowd that the city draws. Trust me – it’s incredible to see! This city built their fan base from the ground up, educating them about an otherwise foreign sport and creating a vibe and culture around hockey that is all their own. The games often feature famous anthem singers (such as Carrie Underwood or Keith Urban) and live music during intermissions from both famous and local artists alike. Oh, and the food offered at the arena is incredible – it’s hard to choose between all of the tasty options! (they even serve funnel cakes!!!)

Pre- and Post-game we caught some great live music in a few honky-tonks on Broadway. We also took some time to drive through some of the city’s unique neighbourhoods and we even took a short trip down to historic Franklin, TN.

Slight disclaimer here: As much as I want to take credit for this travel guide, the real star that helped me put this together is my friend Nikki who has been to Nashville more times than I can count. When planning a trip there this spring, she sent me a comprehensive list of everything and anything we could possibly want to see while there – and much of that is incorporated into this comprehensive travel guide.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what you can see, do, eat and buy in this unique and eclectic city. It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself, hopefully many times over.

For everything you need to know for your trip, buy your copy of our Detailed Travel Guide to Nashville! 

This 13 Page Guide Includes Things Like:

  • Logistics: When to Go, Where to Stay, How to Get Around
  • Things to See & Do
  • Where & What to Eat
  • Where to Shop
  • How to tailor your trip to Nashville to your interests!
  • All the details and best travel tips you’ll need!

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