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No time to carve your pumpkin this year?  Don’t fret!  We’ve rounded up some of the cutest pumpkin decorating kits around!  Note: Some of these kits require painting the pumpkin first, but many of them work with the natural orange of the pumpkin.

Spritz Pumpkin Decorating Kits ($3 – $5, Target)
These kits help you transform your pumpkin into everything from a fox to a witch to a dinosaur or even a cupcake!

Spritz Pumpkin Skull Kit ($5, Target)
This is a great sticker kit.  I find it would work best on a white background.

Disney Cinderella Push-In Pumpkin Kit ($10, Target)
I love this Cinderella Carriage kit, as it did transform itself from a pumpkin to begin with!  No fairy godmother required!

No time to paint?  Pick up one of these carveable pumpkins (5″ – 9″ round or 13″ tall) in white, metallic or traditional orange!

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