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Holiday Centrepieces can be costly or seem tricky to make on your own (without them looking super tacky!).  This centrepiece is a great way to use the cut-off portion of your real Christmas Tree!




  • Take a log from the bottom of your Christmas tree and cut to desired length.
  • Remove any excess branches or twigs that you don’t want on your centrepiece.
  • Tip log upwards and using a chain saw, cut a section off so that the log can lay flat on a table. Discard this piece.
  • Measure your tealight candles and find a corresponding size circle from your hole saw kit.
  • Decide how many candles you want in your centrepiece (I prefer odd numbers).
  • Using the hole saw, cut holes for candles to desired depth (I cut down about half the depth of my candles).
  • Using your chisel, remove any excess wood from the holes.
  • Add tealight candles!


  • Until the log completely dried out, I put a piece of wax paper beneath it (so it wouldn’t leak sap onto my table runner).
  • Use LED tea lights!  There’s no fire hazard that way.
  • Add spray glitter for extra fun!

See our post on Christmas Tree Crafts for other great ways to use pieces of your real tree!

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