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I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I do love a good shakeup or exciting jumping off point into a new year and its possibilities.

I’ve posted quite a few articles on our Facebook Page that provide ideas for decluttering your life, your closet, your relationships and more.  To build on this and to move forward into making 2016 my best year yet, here are some of the ways I plan to stay focussed!  I hope that you find yourself inspired, too!

choose joy

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Being an entrepreneur or an artist or even yourself isn’t always easy, so how do we go into the world with confidence and self-assurance?  Years ago, my Mom posted a sign on the refrigerator that read: “Remember, dreams don’t come with expiry dates.”  This is such a profound statement and has lead me to surround myself with positive affirmations, photos of fond memories and a list of great Instagram accounts that provide fresh insight every day!

Since founding Styled to Sparkle, I have received amazing support from other female entrepreneurs and friends.  Let’s continue to aspire to build one another up – Taylor Swift Girl Squad style, of course!

5 Inspiring Social Media Accounts to Follow:

  1. Dayna Lee Collection: These inspiring posts are photos of items found in her Etsy Shop!  Every item from art prints, pillow covers, phone cases and pouches features an empowering, comforting, inspiring or thoughtful statement. Follow on Instagram @daynaleecollection and Facebook Dayna Lee Collection.
  2. Rena Iman:  Rena Iman is a growing leather bag company that gives back to victims of domestic abuse.  Their posts consist of inspirational quotes, cute messages that make you smile and affirmations that “you can do this!”  Follow on Instagram @rena.iman 
  3. #BOSSBABE INC.: This is an online network of female entrepreneurs.  Their posts provide constant motivation to work your ass off for success.  Follow on Instagram 
  4. League of Extraordinary Women: This is another network for female entrepreneurs and features a mix of inspirational statements and great photos.  Follow on Instagram @theleaguewomen 
  5. Emily Ley: This designer and blogger is a ‘believer in #GraceNotPerfection” and her posts are a mix of inspiration, aspirations and helpful tips for being both organized and living your best and happiest life.  Follow on Instagram @emilyley

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how we are surrounding ourselves with joy and positivity!

How do you stay focussed and inspired?  Share your story with us to be featured on Styled to Sparkle!

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