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Father’s Day is almost here (Sunday, June 21st) and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for dear ol’ Dad.  Dad’s like practical gifts or finding ways to spend time with their busy families.  People always think to “call Mom” but sometimes Dads get forgotten.  Here are some great gift ideas that are ways to spend time with Dad.

crown royal limited makers mark
Fine Spirits

Not all Dad’s drink, but there are many out there who enjoy a good glass of whiskey or bourbon from time to time.  If you know which brand of spirit your Dad prefers, maybe check for a limited edition or special release.  Sometimes you can get packages with branded high ball glasses, too.  Many Dads love a glass of scotch on the porch with the company of their families.


famous daves sauces
BBQ/Grilling Gear & Sauces

It’s no secret that many fathers like to grill.  Maybe Dad needs a new apron this year with a clever saying, or some new grilling tools.  My favorite for this category are a set of sauces from Famous Dave’s (shown above).  Most of their products are gluten free and there is a flavor and spice profile for all tastes! {Note: Some of these are available at y our local Target store}


plano tackle box
Fishing Gear

Many Dads end up with so much fishing tackle over the years, but they still have the same tackle box from when they were 16.  Why not find an option where Dad can see all of the hooks he’s got with a new tackle box!  My favorite tackle boxes are ones that have a variety of storage options (Shown: Plano 767, $69.99, Bass Pro Shops).  Don’t forget to throw in a few new lures for him, either!  If you aren’t sure which one he wants, a Gift Card to Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas is always a great idea!


Horseshoes Set

This is a gift the whole family can enjoy and it’s great for all ages of Dads (even Grandpas!).  This leisurely game is easy to set up and fun to play.  It might even create some friendly competition between the generations.  {Note: Be careful when pairing this with the gift of Fine Spirits shown above!}
(Shown: Horseshoes Set, $44.99, Target)

Other Things To Do Together:
Some things are definitely interest-specific or more pricy, but here are a few ideas of bigger ways to treat Dad:
– A round of golf at a fancy course that Dad might not want to treat himself
– A fishing charter day trip or even a drive out to a local lake for the afternoon
– A beer or spirits tasting at a local brewery or distillery or local liquor store (if you aren’t close to the former)
– Tickets to an upcoming sporting event for you to attend together

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