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There’s a kid inside all of us!  Bring out that fun side of each other this holiday season with these whimsical gifts and games!




  1. Sunnylife ‘Really Big’ Pineapple Pool Floatie ($60, Nordstrom).  Perfect for relaxing on summer days or on a tropical vacation!

  2. Nostalgia Giant Gummy Candy Maker ($43.99, Home Hardware).  Make your own gummy candies!  How fun is this?!  You can make your own fish, bears and worms.

  3. Sauce Toss Unit ($175, Sauce Hockey).   Take a break from beer pong with this fun toss game! You can add a strap to it for easy transportation to/from your buddy’s house and all the pieces can be stored on the back of the board!

  4. Ultra-Glow Power Light Up Soccer Disk ($19.99, Nordstrom).  Kick up some fun with this incredible soccer disk that smoothly glides on any indoor or outdoor surface to turn your home into a sport court. A powerful hover action propels it across the floor, while the non-marking outer bumper allows for quick rebounding and protects furniture and walls from scuffs and scratches.  This is extra fun at night with its bright LED lights!

  5. Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Pool Floatie ($70, Nordstrom).  Another great pool toy for your winter vacation!

  6. Special FX Light Saber Toy ($19.99, Nordstrom).  This fun light saber comes with a stand so that it can act as a nightlight, too!

  7. The Game of Things…in a box! ($29, Target).  This is a favorite of mine and perfect for larger gatherings of people!  It’s hilarious what people will come up with (and the inside jokes that follow!).

  8. Cards Against Humanity Game ($35, Target).  This game is hilarious and definitely lives up to the tagline of “a party game for horrible people”….just add alcohol!


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