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Christmas is a great time to share your national heritage with friends who live abroad! I love sending Canadiana to friends who are either expats or just love a touch of Canada over the holidays! Mind the spellings of colour, flavour, neighbour…most of these items are from 2 of my favourite Canadian retailers – Indigo and Hudson’s Bay.

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There’s more to Canadian gifting than hockey jerseys, maple syrup, good beer and whisky! I’ve found a few gifts here that I think you’ll love to give this holiday season! *shop them all by clicking the numbers or titles below! 

My Favourite Canadiana Gifts

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#1: CND Olympic Team Collection Red Mittens ($15, Hudson’sBay). I’m sure you’ve seen these mittens in my previous gift guides – they are my absolute favourite and I hope I get a new pair in my stocking this year! (hint!)

#2: CDN Olympic Team Collection Snowflake Tuque ($30, Hudson’sBay). I have a similar tuque (shown above) and I love it (it’s got a pom pom and it’s called a tuque, not a beanie!). It’s so warm and soft and the pom pom is irresistible! Hubby bought it for me for Christmas last year.

#3: More Canada Pillow Cover ($39.50, IndigoChapters). Indigo has some of the best pillow covers out there, just like this one! It’s kitschy without being tacky.

#4: S’well Canada 150 & S’well Banff Water Bottles ($45 each, IndigoChapters). Yes, these are my favorite bottles and I try to put them into every gift guide I can because I’m a bit obsessed…these ones feature lovely Canadiana designs, so they’re a useful gift.

#5: Canadian Magnetic Poetry ($15, IndigoChapters). How much fun was this when we were kids? This set features the names of Canadian cities and important words like “poutine”, “tuque” and “eh” and words like “colour”, “flavour” and “neighbour” all properly spelled! Fun for the whole family.

#6: CBC Radio-Canada Messenger Bag ($30, IndigoChapters). This bag also comes in CBC Camera Crew and RCAF versions and all are great vintage re-creations of iconic Canadiana. Perfect for the hipster or classicist on your list.

#7: Book: The World Needs More Canada ($15, IndigoChapters). This coffee table book makes a great gift for a long-time Canadian (full of nostalgia), a new Canadian or even a hostess gift!

#8: Canada 150 Heritage Blend Candle ($29.50, IndigoChapters). Pretty candles are such nice gifts – and this one is special for Canada 150. The pop of red makes it extra festive!

#9: Crown Royal Canadian Rye Whisky ($17, LCBO). Canadian Whisky is some of the best in the world (I say this as a fact and as a biased whisky drinker). With that in mind, I believe there is no better whisky on the market than Crown Royal. It now comes in a few different blends and flavours, but I believe the original is the best around.

#10: Canadian Maple Whiskey ($35, LiquorDepot). This Maple Whisky is a treat for drinkers and non-drinkers of whisky alike. It’s sweet, smooth and has a candy-like finish. Perfect poured over ice or ice cream, it’s a treat everyone will enjoy over the holidays.

#11: Canadian Pennant & Vintage Mountie Shot Glasses – Set of 2 ($24, IndigoChapters). After all this talk about whisky, you’ll need something to drink it out of! I love these vintage-feel shot glasses. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!

#12: HBC Heritage Flask w. Multi-Stripe Blanket Sleeve ($140, Hudson’sBay). Few things are as iconically Canadian as the Multi-Stripe Hudson’s Bay blanket. This gorgeous flask is engraved with the company’s crest and comes in a mini-blanket sleeve. It’s the perfect souvenir – my B.I.L. picked one up on a trip to Montréal years ago and it is quite lovely.

#13: Ceramic Province Mugs ($12, IndigoChapters). These 12oz. stoneware mugs are so cute! There’s one for every province in Canada (territories excluded) and each features a different colour inside (yes, I spelled that right!). Not sure which to choose? Don’t worry, there’s a Canada Mug, too!

#14: Hipeponymous, The Tragically Hip Box Set ($199, Amazon). There are few music groups that are as Canadian as The Tragically Hip. Their music and lyrics are inspired by the country’s landscape, traditions and of course, hockey. This box set is the perfect gift for the Hip fan on your list, or just to have for yourself.

#15: Maple Syrup Lollipop ($1.99, BanffGifts). There are some types of candy that I cannot resist and these suckers are one of them! Years ago my Grandma travelled to Québec City and brought a few of these back for me and I have loved them ever since. You can get them online or in any major airport!

#16: Amber Maple Syrup ($29, Hudson’sBay). Okay, I had to include Maple Syrup – this is a Canadian Gift Guide after all! Fun Fact: there are multiple Maple Syrup producing regions all across Canada, so be sure to pick up a local bottle on your travels! This one makes a great gift or standard condiment in your refrigerator.

If you’re wondering why there aren’t any hockey-related gifts in this guide, it’s because I’ve posted an entire guide just for Hockey Fans!

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