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When it comes to footwear for outdoor activities comfort and support are key. Living in Canada and being pretty outdoorsy I need a variety of footwear for the variety of activities that I like to do. That being said, trying to find different shoes for each activity can be a massive inconvenience.

I first learned about KEENs from my parents (if I’m being honest). My Dad had a pair of shoes that were great for going in and out of the water – perfect for launching the boat or canoeing, kayaking and anything on the lake. He found them so comfortable that he added a pair of hiking shoes to his wardrobe. Then came hiking boots and a corresponding pair with steel toes for comfort and safety during his construction projects.

KEEN Hiking Boots

I’ll admit, I was intrigued. It’s one thing to have the same pair of sneakers in a few different colours, but to have various styles in the same brand of shoe was interesting to me. A few years ago I needed a pair of hiking boots and thought “why not try KEEN boots?” so I did and I never looked back.

KEEN Targhee III Mid Waterproof Boot

Comfort, function and style – I love these hiking boots. They weren’t heavy to hall up and down the hill and gave me all the support I needed for my feet and ankles. They’re also waterproof which is great because you never know what you’ll encounter on the trail. (Shop: KEEN Targhee III Mid Waterproof Boot)

KEEN Hiking Shoes

I don’t do a ton of intense hiking, but I do love trail walking and other outdoor activities that require more than a standard sneaker. Just like my Dad, I loved my first pair of KEENs so much that I thought, “I already know that these fit my feet well, I know they’re comfortable and great for outdoor activities, so….” Enter the Keen Terradora Waterproof Shoe:

Keen Terradora Waterproof Shoe

These are a lighter, lower profile version of my hiking boots with plenty of function. They are so comfy and cushy that they feel like clouds under my feet. They’ve honestly been a great walking shoe for me, too.

KEEN Sneakers

What really kickstarted this blog post was when I was asked by KEEN to try out their new sneakers. You all know that I’m a pretty casual jeans + t-shirt + sneakers kind of girl so I definitely wasn’t going to say no! I’d already had all of this other lovely experience with the brand all on my own, so I knew I had to try them.

KEEN Elsa Sneakers

The KEEN Elsa Sneakers are cute, comfy and definitely a more casual, less-athletic looking shoe than KEEN‘s other styles. I love that it’s the same quality construction and function but with more style for wearing around town.

KEEN Elsa Sneakers

What you can’t see here is that inside the heels of these shoes is a layer of soft and cushy neoprene that makes these extra comfy without socks (i.e. a clear winner for me). I’ve never found a pair of canvas sneakers with that feature, which has always forced me to ‘break them in’ or work the heels down until they don’t rub or give me blisters. I was able to wear the Elsa Sneakers with bare feet right out of the box!

KEEN Elsa Sneakers

Love KEENs as much as me? My favourite place to order from is Altitude-Sports! They have a huge selection and they ship really quick!

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