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Until recently, I had never visited the Banff Gondola in the winter – it had only been in the summer months (more info on that here). I had the pleasure of heading up the mountain for Mountaintop Christmas – an event hosted by Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection.

This attraction is an absolute must-see/must-do thing when you’re visiting Banff National Park at any time of year, but it is spectacular in the winter time. These views never get old, but there is something extra special about Banff in the winter months. The snow capped mountains and covered trees feel so magical, especially around the holidays.

Watch + See

Check out my experience at the Banff Gondola on IGTV! I share what it’s like going up and down the mountain in the winter time and what to expect!

A View From The Top

I had to share some photos with you from visiting the Banff Gondola in the winter time! Scroll through for gorgeous views and winter Banff travel tips!

I feel the need to re-iterate that these photos are absolutely real and that these views are even more breathtaking in person.

There’s something special about the way the mountains look in the winter. There are so many myths out there about the Canadian Winter, but with the lower temperatures come snow capped mountains and a magical scene.

It does get a bit chilly at the top of the Banff Gondola so be sure to dress appropriately! If you’re visiting, there are plenty of shops in town that sell cold weather boots, coats and accessories!

Even though it’s snowy out, the boardwalks and outdoor viewing areas are still open! Take a walk around the various observation areas for some great views!

If you don’t want to venture too far, the main observation deck offers plenty of great “Canadiana” photo opportunities!

Not every day in the mountains is chilly! In fact, in Alberta we get these delightful warm weather systems called Chinooks! When these currents are coming through you can enjoy a winter day out in the sun!

The observation deck includes a number of spots to sit, stand and look out at the views. In the winter time, though, there are small fire pits where you can warm your hands and enjoy some fresh air!

Tips For Visiting Mountaintop Christmas
+ For Visiting The Banff Gondola in the Winter

Dress Warm: It isn’t cold in the Gondola cars themselves, but it can get windy at the top of the mountain. Be sure to dress in appropriate winter gear!

Departure: To make sure you get to visit with Santa, I suggest heading up in the morning! It’s also a lovely spot to have some lunch. There are a couple of dining spots at the top!

While You’re Up There: Explore the top of Sulphur Mountain and all of its observation decks. You’ll see some of the views I shared above plus a whole lot more!

Mountaintop Christmas: A visit to the Banff Gondola is a must, especially with little ones! Visit with Santa, decorate a cookie and even make a gift for mom and dad!

Adding Additional Adventure: You might remember from my summer post that I suggested hiking the mountain and then taking the Gondola back down (you can purchase one-way Gondola fares). The same applies to visiting in the winter, although this is definitely for the more adventurous and prepared.

Staying in Banff: Although Banff is a lovely day trip from Calgary, I recommend staying in Banff for at least a night or two and exploring the area. That way you can take in all that it has to offer. One of my fave spots to stay is The Mount Royal Hotel – it’s centrally located and walking distance to almost everything!

Dates + Details: Mountaintop Christmas has events through the holiday season and is included in your Gondola admission fee.

Planning to Visit Banff?

Banff Gondola: Click here for prices, times and more information.

For even more tips for planning your trip to Banff, including accommodations, check out Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection! Special thanks to them for hosting us at Mountaintop Christmas!


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