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It’s important to invest in a quality hair dryer.  This might seem like a frivolous expense to some, but let me make my case.

Why To Buy An Salon-Quality Hair Dryer:

1. It’s better for your hair.  The science and technology that goes into a salon-level hair dryer is nothing to scoff at.  Most have ‘ionic’ technology and/or use tourmaline to seal hair cuticles, repairing hair, rather than damaging it.  The technologies reduce frizz, increase shine and make your blowout last longer (thus not having to dry as often!).

2. It cuts down drying time.  As someone who has a lot of hair (and I emphasize A LOT), drying can take forever.  If you think of cutting your drying time in half, factor in how many times a week you blow dry, and think of that in terms of a year…you’re getting quality time back in your life that you could use for something else.

3. It’s quieter, lighter and safer.  Drug store hair dryers can be really loud, often high pitched and straight up annoying.  They can also be heavy and have large air intakes on the back that can trap your hair.  A salon hair dryer is quieter, quicker, lighter (no more sore arms!), and often has a filter/guard on the back to prevent debris or your hair from getting sucked in.

Top Choices for Salon Hair Dryers:

  1. T3 ‘Featherweight 2’ Dryer, $200, Nordstrom.  I am in love with this dryer! (I currently use this one).  It is light, quiet, fast and effective without feeling like I’m being blasted with air or like I’m going to get burnt (it never overheats).  I have found my hair to be healthier, more manageable and my styles last longer.
    Its claims: “Clinically proven to be healthier than air drying, with up to: 73% reduction in frizz, 86% increase in body, 19% increase in shine, 33% increase in comb-ability and 48% increase in style retention.”

  2. Drybar ‘Buttercup’ Blow Dryer, $195, Nordstrom.  This is my second choice (and not just because I love all things Drybar!).  It’s lightweight and dries hair really, really quickly.  If you’ve ever visited one of their blowout bars, you know how great their tools are.
    Its claims: ‘Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer delivers perfect, long-lasting blow-outs. NanoIonic™ technology helps break up water quickly for reduced drying time while nano beads within the dryer emit powerful negative ions that seal and smooth the hair cuticle, helping to reduce frizz, increase shine and trap moisture inside for more healthy-looking, hydrated hair.’

  3. Moroccanoil Tourmalite Ceramic Hair Dryer, $220, Nordstrom.  I used to have this dryer and I liked it very much, but have since moved on.  It’s a really great dryer, but I found after awhile the coils would overheat and I just didn’t get the results I did when I first bought it.  I think if you don’t have really think hair, it would be just fine.
    Its claims: ‘powerful, professional-level hair dryer that allows for maximum absorption of water to minimize static and leave your hair smooth and shiny from root to tip for the ultimate blow-drying experience. It features tourmaline ceramic technology coupled with low electromagnetic field to dry your hair evenly and reduce drying time by up to 50%. Its high velocity AC motor is smooth and quiet and the gently far-infrared heat prevents damage to hair.’

  4. blowPro Professional Titanium Blow Dryer, $139, Nordstrom.  This is more of a cost-effective, entry-level option when purchasing a salon dryer.  It will definitely cut down drying time, but won’t be quite as good as the others.  This is another one that is likely more effective if you have less hair, or thinner hair.
    Its claims: ‘Built with the latest and greatest technology, blowpro professional titanium blow dryer cuts down on drying time with titanium plates and an 1875 watt AC motor. It also has six LED lights that will clean the inside of the dryer, blowing out clean air and promoting a healthier scalp in addition to three speeds, three temperatures and a removable nozzle. It also includes three travel-size blowpro products to give you the perfect blowout.’

For more information on the science, click here!

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