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Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to pack for a trip, especially if it’s to a destination you haven’t yet visited. When I travelled to Japan, there were a few things I had to pick up while I was there that I didn’t realize I was going to need!

Here are 8 things to pack for Japan that you didn’t think you needed!

coin purse, what to pack for JapanChange Purse: You will get more change than you will know what to do with so I suggest packing a coin purse. I bought one once we got there – they sell them everywhere and they’re around 700yen. I found a lot of their currency to be in change pieces and that the amount of change overwhelmed my wallet, making a separate change purse key.

umbrella, hunter umbrella, what to pack for JapanUmbrella: It rains there a fair bit and a lot of restaurants have “umbrella parking” at the door. Either pack a travel umbrella or get one when you arrive there. We bought umbrellas there for 300yen. Most bodegas sell them, as do 100yen shops. They do not increase the prices during inclement weather like other countries do.

handkerchief, what to pack for JapanHandkerchief: You can purchase small ‘all purpose’ towels and handkerchiefs everywhere there and the reason is that most public washrooms don’t have paper towels or hand dryers, so you’ll need one to dry your hands. You’ll see locals pulling them out of their purses, pockets, etc. and that’s why!

Cold Meds, etc.: It isn’t as easy to get things over the counter there if you get sick like it is here or in Europe. Pack a few essential items. If you do find yourself getting sick, I would suggest checking out the powders and jelly packets at 7-11 that contain different vitamin concoctions.

Chafe Prevention Cream: This particular cream is a travel staple for me especially when wearing dresses/skirts (I put it on my inner thighs). Japan can get quite humid in the warmer months so it’s good to be prepared!

monistat chafe creamBandaids/Blister Stick: You will be doing an unprecedented amount of walking, so I suggest bringing blister pads, bandaids and a blister stick with you. Bandaids can be found at the local 7-11 stores there, and the Bandaid brand that we know and love is available at all pharmacies (although they do cost more over there).collapsible backpack, things to pack, things to pack for Japan, what to pack for JapanCollapsible Backpack: I suggest packing a collapsible backpack or something like that for any extra souvenirs you purchase and/or for day trips. You’ll likely be taking the train from city to city and will want a few essentials with you. Having a collapsible backpack is one less piece of luggage to worry about for the airplane ride.

Translation Cards: If you suffer from food allergies or allergies of any kind, I suggest these allergies written in Japanese on to index cards that you can carry with you. If you have a food allergy, present these cards to the wait staff at the restaurants that you are visiting to ensure there are no ingredients that will make you ill. Although most Japanese people speak some English, this is not something that you will want to have lost in translation.

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