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Christmas baking is something that I take pride in doing each year.  I’m always looking for a great way to package my holiday baking to give to friends and family. I want the packages to look festive with a touch of elegant whimsy (that’s not the oxymoron that it sounds like!).  Scroll to the bottom for my favorite wrapping supplies.

Here are some great ways to package your holiday treats for gifting!

Homemade Mini Gift Boxes


Mini boxes can be found at your local dollar store, but I like to use old/extra holiday cards for these (find DIY Holiday Gift Boxes here).  Line with parchment paper, tie with a ribbon and you’re set!  You can also stack a few in a cello sack and tie with a ribbon on top, too!

Mason Jars


Mason jars are re-useable which makes this an even better gift!  I love to add pieces of fabric to the top, a chalk label or a tie on gift tag, and of course, cloth ribbon.

Paper Lunch Bags


A classic brown paper bag is the easiest to customize (this is a great project for kids, too!).  You can use markers, stamps, paint, really anything!  I love these chalk labels that can be customized to read a recipient’s name or label the treats found inside.

Take-Out Boxes


I love traditional Chinese Food Takeout Boxes for gifting baking.  Their tiny handles are perfect for tying a ribbon on!  These other takeaway boxes are great, too, especially for slightly larger treats like tarts.

Gift Boxes


With these boxes, I like to use the lid to double up the base of the box for extra structural support.  Tip: use rubber stamps or wrapping paper to customize the boxes!  Fill with tissue or parchment paper to hold the treats.  Wrap in cello and ribbon to finish!

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