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Maybe you were born with a head of thick voluminous hair that would make most girls jealous.  Maybe you were born with so much hair that if it’s any longer than a bob, it’s weighed down considerably at the roots and you suffer from ‘triangle head’.  Maybe you were born with fine, thin locks and you need as much help in the volume department as possible!

There are shampoos and conditioners out there that of course add a bit of extra help in this department, but when you need to use a purple shampoo or focus on adding moisture, sometimes adding volume when you’re washing doesn’t make it into the mix.

Here are some of the best products I’ve found that focus on boosting volume at the root pre-blowout in either a spray or a mousse.  Click the numbers or titles below to shop each product!

Volumizing Sprays

Volumizing sprays boost volume and add plumpness to your roots in the same way that backcombing does, but without damaging your hair.  They can be used just at the roots or even the crown of your head, or all over to create larger hairstyles – sans teasing!  These are great for finer hair types as well – they don’t add the weight that even something as weightless as mousse can add.

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  1. Drybar Texas Tea Volumizing Spray ($33, Sephora).  This is my favorite spray of them all – it gives me just the right amount of volume for my blowout and helps that root volume to last for a couple of days.  Use at roots at the top or all over your head depending on the level of volume you’re looking for.

  2. Bumble and bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray ($70, Sephora).  This spray adds SO MUCH volume.  I prefer to only use it at the crown of my head and at the part because I already have a lot of hair.  This is the idea, spray for girls with thin or fine hair – it will give you the biggest boost!

  3. VERB Volume Spray ($18, Sephora).  This is the best value spray listed.  It offers weightless volume and an extra boost to roots.

  4. Living Proof Full Root Lifting Spray ($34, Sephora).  This spray is great for lifting roots – I prefer it for that function only.  It smells great, but you have to love scented hair products as it is potent!

Volumizing Mousses

Why mousse?  Mousse or Styling Foam as it is sometimes referred to, is a lightweight product to help add volume and shine.  It helps to add hold when styling and is great for defining curls.  It can also reduce frizz without the use/extra stiffness of hairspray.  I love to use mousse for when I’m doing a blowout with lots of body and want long-lasting weightless hold for big curls.

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  1. Drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse ($33, Sephora).  I love this mousse!  I find it to be lightweight and gives me just the right amount of boost for my blowout.  If you don’t have a ton of hair, you might need something a bit extra.

  2. Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse ($37, Sephora).  This full form mousse definitely adds thickness to your hair, just like the rest of the Bumble and bumble thickening products.  It provides long lasting volume and body.

  3. Alterna Hair Care Anti-Aging CAVIAR Thick and Full Volume Mousse ($35, Sephora).  This mousse is specifically for fine hair.  It’s going to add thickness and volume without the need for teasing while being lightweight, which keeps hair looking bouncy and full, not heavy and weighed down.

  4. Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse ($36, Sephora).  This lightweight mousse makes thin, fine hair act like thick, full hair.  This is perfect if you suffer from limp, flat hair – it gives a natural-looking boost that lasts for the life of your blowout.

  5. Living Proof Timeless Plumping Mousse ($37, Sephora).  If you’re looking to add a ton of extra volume, this mousse makes hair look up to 3-times fuller than it is!  It’s also part of the ‘Timeless Collection’ of products so if lifeless hair is your main concern, I would use this entire line.
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Need an extra boost to those roots to preserve a blowout?  Try a dry shampoo!
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