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There are some gifts that we just forget about or just leave to the last minute because we lost track of time!  Here are a few ideas of great gifts that are thoughtful and don’t say “I forgot!”

Many of these ideas are subscriptions, which I love because they are the gift that continues to remind people of your thoughtfulness all year long!

#1 – Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions

The art of print is not dead!  Stay informed with great articles every month!  Some of my favorite publications include:

My favorite way to give a magazine subscription is to buy the current issue and put a note inside of it!
Psst! Many subscriptions offer a free electronic edition or discounted subscription rate for yourself, too! 

#2 – eGift Cards

Gift Cards that are transferable online are some of my favorites!  I do a ton of online shopping and this also allows me to send the card immediately to my recipient (i.e. no more going to the store to pick out a card of a set denomination and then waiting for snail mail!).  This one from Home Hardware is one of my favorites because they carry so many amazing products, but their stores aren’t in large centres.  Plus, this card is totally customizable!

#3 – Cookbook Subscription (Eat Your Books)

This subscription gives you access to thousands of cookbooks and magazines and allows you to organize them according to your preferences (you can even add any blogs that you follow! i.e. Styled to Sparkle!).  This is such a great gift – your recipients have access to tons of recipes and a growing community where they can swap recipes, rate them and more!  (starting at $30/year).


#4 – Starbucks Reserve Subscription

The Starbucks Reserve Subscription gives you access to exclusive roasts, small batches and they’re all delivered within 48 hours of roasting!
(Starting at $19/month + free shipping).

#5 – Streaming Service Subscriptions

Everyone streams music, movies and television now!  For those on your list who don’t yet do so, try these:

#6 – Holiday Centrepieces

Sometimes it’s just easier to send flowers and that way it’s something the entire family can enjoy and show off to guests!  I love live holiday centrepieces and there are some great ones from Teleflora (starting at $26).

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