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We are a couple that is always on the go and so our wireless needs can get a bit tricky. Thankfully TELUS is there to help us manage everything from data plans, financing and direct bill payments to keep us connected. Our biggest priorities for our technology service plans are connectivity, network speed, flexibility and pricing. I think that’s what’s kept us on the TELUS network for so long!

coffee cup flat lay, styled to sparkle. telus family advantage plan

As entrepreneurs, avid travellers and just generally people who are on-the-go, the TELUS Simple Share Plan is ideal for us because our work locations vary so much. This plan gives us a ton of sharable high-speed data (10G) on Canada’s largest and fastest network, plus we get unlimited talk and text anywhere in Canada! Need more data? You can upgrade your plan to 20GB and even 50GB of data! What’s easy about this for us is that we can easily manage our data with the TELUS Data Manager.

Let’s talk about data for a minute! When it comes to data, we are both such inconsistent consumers from month to month so having a plan that we can share makes the most sense. Although we both often work from home, how much we travel or need data outside of wifi is never the same. This is where the TELUS Data Manager comes in to play to help us from going over our data limits.

coffee cup flat lay, styled to sparkle. telus family advantage plan

Speaking of exceeding data…sometimes we need to send and download large files to our devices or maybe we’re tethering our laptops to work where there isn’t wifi – all things that can really eat into a data plan before you know it! Sometimes one of us might exceed the data on our current plan, which is where the TELUS Peace of Mind Rate Plans are even more advantageous to us!

Although there are only two of us right now, the TELUS Family Advantage is perfect for our needs. With the Family Discount, we each get $5 off per month, a discount that will only increase as we start adding new members to our plan. With so many discounts, bundles and options, TELUS is sure to offer a plan that works for your family’s ever changing needs.

Responsible Technology Use

I know that something that’s been on my mind with entering into motherhood is Smartphone safety. There are also concerns about cyber bullying. I know that I’m still just expecting, but these issues are becoming more and more prevalent at younger ages each year so it’s important to be in the know! Technology and how we connect are only becoming more complicated and this can be difficult to navigate, especially for families.

Are you familiar with the TELUS Wise program? I was happy to learn that they offer workshops and resources covering topics that include protecting your online security, privacy and reputation, rising above cyberbullying, and using technology responsibly. These workshops are even endorsed by the Canadian Associate of Chiefs of Police! It’s really a great way to help Canadians of all ages be good digital citizens.


Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and TELUS and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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