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Eyelash extensions are amazing…you read my article on The Truth About Eyelash Extensions and I shared why I truly loved them. After a few years of lash extensions and countless fill appointments there were a few drawbacks that I’d like to share with you. In this article I’ll cover why my eyelash extensions fell off and what I did to accelerate their regrowth. I also share details on a lash lift and lash tint and a few other tips and tricks for boosting your lashes! Here we go…

There are so.many.pros. to having eyelash extensions, but there are also a number of cons, and I think it’s important to consider these as well:

  1. You have to get them filled regularly. Some people can go 3-4 weeks without a fill, but some require a fill every 2 weeks. It’s tedious, time consuming and it’s a financial commitment, too. If you don’t get them filled, you’ll have gaps between extensions and it will look weird.
  2. You shouldn’t have lash extensions for more than a few years without taking a break to give your natural lashes a chance to thicken back up. I was somewhat forced into this, but more on that later…
  3. You can’t wear waterproof makeup of any kind, so if you’re fave eyeliner is waterproof, you’ll have to find a substitute.
  4. You have to be very cautious about your skin care regimen and any sunscreens that you use because certain ingredients can break down the glue that keeps those extensions on.
  5. Are you doing this for a special event or is this a long term commitment? Once you start, it’s kind of hard to stop!

All My Lash Extensions Fell Off…
…Now What?

Yes, all of my eyelash extensions fell off and it felt somewhat tragic. I didn’t realize I was that vain until it happened. When you’re used to having these gorgeous long, curled lashes and you look in the mirror to see an almost bare lash line, it’s a bit startling at first!

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Why Did My Eyelash Extensions Fall Off?

The lash tech I’d been seeing was new to the game and used glue that had expired. Simple as that. Most lash bars are busy enough that their product turnover is high, but it isn’t always the case.

TIP: If you really want eyelash extensions (because despite the money/time they are awesome) my advice is to go to an experienced pro! You want to make sure that the glue they’re using is good (i.e. has not expired) and that they know not to put the lashes too close to your lash line or else your eye will swell and itch as the natural lashes try to grow out.

To be honest, this was probably a good thing. I was at that time when I needed to give my natural lashes a break from extensions and allow them to grow out on their own. I still felt like I needed to try and expedite the process.

Quick Fixes For a Bare Lash Line

Traditional Strip Lashes. Full disclosure: I have zero ability to apply these myself. BUT, fret not my incapable friend! Your local lash bar or even Sephora’s makeup artists will apply them for you! They’re a great solution if your lashes are microscopic and you have an event to attend (Sephora has my faves!).

false eyelashes flatlay

Magnetic False Eyelashes: Okay, I’ve never tried these myself (mostly because I don’t have that kind of dexterity), but girls swear by these! They’re far simpler than traditional false strip lashes, there’s no glue and they’re reusable. Magnetic eyelashes come in all lash types and a few different colours and they aren’t too expensive (bu they aren’t as cheap as you’d think either).

Long-Term Solutions to Help
Your Lashes Grow Back!

Growing your lashes out is just like trying to grow out your hair, your eyebrows, your nails…the healthier you are, the faster they should (theoretically) grow. There is no reason why you can’t try a few things at once to help re-grow your lashes: I suggest combining taking a vitamin and using a serum that can be applied directly to the lash line.

Here are a few things you can do to try to accelerate the growth process:

  1. Prescription Lash Growth Serum: Latisse. Latisse is available by prescription only and is proven to be effective. There are some drawbacks aside from needing a script to get it – it can be expensive and if you have lighter eyes, it can cause dark under-eye circles. You might have fuller lashes, but you’ll need to layer on some more concealer.
  2. Cosmetic Brand Lash Growth Serum. This is the route I took. I scoured the Sephora website for what I thought would be my best option (at a reasonable price point). I read the reviews, I considered which brands I trusted most (as I mentioned, I was feeling very distraught and did not want to suffer any additional eyelash setbacks). My fave: Shiseido Full Lash & Brow Serum (P.S. I’ve used this on my brows, too, and it has helped them to become fuller, too!).
  3. Take the right vitamins: Biotin. We all know this as those “yummy gummies hair, skin and nails” and they definitely help with that. You can also take them in capsule form if you want to avoid the extra sugar.

Sadly, no matter what, patience is key here. These things take time and other than just reapplying lash extensions, there’s no long-lasting quick fix.

Tips for Making Your Lashes
Look ‘Fuller’ In the Meantime

Step 1: Get a Lash Lift & Lash Tint. It used to be called an “eyelash perm” because it really is just that – a semi-permanent curl for your lashes! A lash tint helps to darken all those baby lashes so they don’t look nonexistent while they grow out.

A lash lift and tint can last for a month or so (longer or shorter depending on the person). It’s a great place to start when re-growing your eyelashes. It can help them grow in the right direction (up and not out!). For what to expect check out my upcoming article Why You Should Consider a Lash Lift & Tint.

before and after a lash lift/tint, after eyelash lift, after eyelash tint

TIP: Get a Consult. I had this done at my fave beauty bar in Calgary: Distilled. When I arrived at my appointment, I was given a consultation of whether or not I could continue with eyelash extensions or if in fact, I truly did need to give my eyes a break…which I did.

Step 2: Use a Mascara Primer. Before I had eyelash extensions I used one all the time and it was a must-have in my makeup bag. My absolute favorite is the DIOR Diorshow Maximizer 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer. It not only adds volume and length, it contains ingredients that condition your lashes to protect them from damage and help them grow out and stay healthy. If you’ve never seen lash primers before, it’s basically a white coat of mascara!

Step 3: Use a Good Mascara. What makes a “good” mascara is entirely subjective. I found that in the early stages of my lash re-growth that anything too heavy would make me look like Tammy Faye Baker. A lighter formula that coated what I had for eyelashes was key (Try Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash). Once my eyelashes started getting a little longer I was able to upgrade to a more “volumizing” formula. My current faves:

Step 4: Continue Lash Care. When you had eyelash extensions, I hope you were diligent about properly caring for your lashes. It’s important to continue these good habits. I’m still using my Shiseido Full Lash & Brow Serum and taking my vitamins! I’m also careful not to rub my eyes too hard and I always brush out my lashes to remove any debris.

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