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I’ve been trying to find some really fun and unique gifts for Dads this year as they can be some of the hardest people to shop for! Like most Father’s Day gift ideas, these are based on what I know the men that I know would love! I hope that you find some ideas for what you can treat your own dad to for Father’s Day.

Tasty Gifts for Dad!

Chicago Steak Company Meats

Meat is a great gift for all the men that I know and the delicious treats from Chicago Steak Company are fantastic! I highly recommend their Filet Mignon or their Wagyu Beef Burgers – both are fantastic. They’re individually packaged, too, so they’re great for the freezer or to take camping/tail gating. This is a great gift for Dads that don’t live nearby as they ship to so many places!

Cookies by Design

My grandfather can be famously quoted as saying “I never met a cookie I didn’t like!” and I bet these delicious treats from Cookies by Design are no exception. I love that they can be shipped to so many locations and that they offer so many customizable options! You’re sure to find a Father’s Day themed treat that’s perfect for your dad from them!

Slate Milk: Chocolate Milk for GrownUps!

Do you have a Dad in your life that loves chocolate milk? We recently discovered Slate Milk, which is “chocolate milk, built better” – and it sure is! It comes in three tasty flavours: Chocolate, Espresso Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. My hubby is a lover of chocolate milk and not so much a lover of coffee but sometimes he’s looking for a little kick of caffeine! so the Espresso Chocolate is perfect for him. Each can contains 20g of protein, has 0g of added sugar and is lactose free! I recommend their variety pack to get Dad started!

Built Bars: The Most Delicious Protein Bar Ever

My husband loves protein bars and I’m one of those people that can go either way on them – until I tried Built Bar. Their slogan is that they are “the best tasting protein bars” and they aren’t kidding. These are seriously delicious and I almost have to hide them in my pantry so we don’t eat them by the boxful! They have so many amazing flavours to choose from. I think they make the perfect gift for the guy in your life who loves protein bars or needs some great snacks to have while on the go!

Monday Gin

I’m a huge fan of wine and spirits and I love a simple gin and soda with lime and cucumber slices in the summer time. It can be tricky to find a great non-alcoholic spirit to enjoy on hot summer afternoons or tailgating or even on the golf course. That’s why I like Monday Gin – an amazing alcohol-free spirit in a gorgeous bottle with Art Deco styling (one of my favorite style eras) that looks super cool on a bar cart.

Pure Wine Filters

My Dad is someone who loves a good glass of red wine but many haven’t agreed with his system in recent years. When I was approached by Pure Wine to do a collaboration last spring, it was a great fit! I (and my Dad!) personally recommend the wands but if you’re opening a whole bottle, then The Wave pouring spout is fantastic, too!

Gifts for Dads Who Like To Cook

Both my Dad and husband love love love to cook, grill, barbecue…you name it. It’s honestly pretty great that when gifted items like the ones I’m sharing here that they use them to cook me tasty things to eat! (see what I did there?!)

Southern Cookbook

I don’t think it’s any secret that we love southern-style cooking in our house. We use our smoker more than once a week and we visit barbecue joints whenever we can so when I stumbled upon Just a Few Miles South I knew I needed a copy for myself (i.e. my husband) and that I needed to share its goodness with you! This book is full of tried and true recipes that have been used at some amazing establishments by famed chefs. One of my favorite review quotes about this book is: “The boundless beauty of Kentucky cuisine is joyfully captured in these pages by a chef who has defined this region with her cooking. She is a custodian of tradition, a magician of flavor, and her restaurants are the narratives that tell us who we are in Kentucky.”—Edward Lee, chef and author of Buttermilk Graffiti (winner of James Beard Award for Best Book of the Year in Writing) and Smoke & Pickles

Pit Barrel Cooker

You know I’m a fan of any fun outdoor cooking device – and the Pit Barrel Cookers are no exception. I love that they come in two sizes, Classic and Junior, which makes them extra portable and perfect for picnic cookouts, camping trips, and gatherings of all sizes! There are also a ton of accessories that you can purchase for these smokers which makes them a gift that you can add on to over the years/occasions such as the corn cob holder, rubs and spices and so much more.

Greenlife Cookware

This really pretty bakeware from GreenLife is something that I featured in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, too, and I wanted to mention it again because I know a ton of Dads who love to bake! For the Dad in your life with his own home “bakery” this cookware is the perfect gift. They’ve also got some great griddles which are fantastic for the breakfast chef!

Unexpected & Splurge-Worthy
Gifts for Dad

South Bay Board Co. Paddle Boards

I’m a huge fan of paddle boards, kayaks and any water vessel. Last year when trying to decide if we wanted paddle boards or kayaks, we stumbled upon South Bay Board Co. Paddle Boards that you can add a kayak seat to! It’s the best of both worlds. Another amazing feature is that they also come with fishing rod holders, which I know would make this the perfect gift for my Dad!

I highly recommend the inflatable option from South Bay Board Co. Paddle Boards for both easy transport and storage but also because of their versatility and all the amazing items that you can add on!

What are you planning to get for dad from this list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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