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This year is my husband’s first Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21st) and so this gift guide is dedicated to him! All of the gifts that I’m including here are items that he either has (and loves) or would be loving to receive! I hope you find something in here that’s perfect for the papa in your life!

Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dad

I come from a long line of outdoorsy men and my husband might even be more outdoorsy than they are! Here are a couple of outdoorsy items that I’m loving this year:

Fly Fishing Starter Kit: Fly fishing can be an incredibly relaxing activity and can be done on most bodies of water, making it easily accessible. I love that you don’t need a ton of heavy gear for it, either – everything is pretty lightweight and easy to transport around with you.

fly fishing kit, fathers day gift idea, fathers day gifts, outdoorsy dad, gifts for the outdoorsman, outdoor giftsShop: Fly Outfit | Fly Assortment | Net

Not sure if this is something that Dad will love? Why not purchase a gift certificate from a local instructor or guide to “teach a man to fish”!?! This is a fun activity to learn in the mountain lakes and rivers, provincial/state and national parks, too!

Hiking: Child Carrier Backpack: With many vacations out of the question this year, getting outdoors and going hiking is a great way to escape the city. For us, our little is only 6 months old, so we need an easy way to carry her around if we’re heading into the woods.

fathers day gift idea, fathers day gifts, outdoorsy dad, gifts for the outdoorsman, outdoor gifts, gifts for hiking, hiking with babyShop: Child Carrier

 My husband does a lot of scouting in the Spring/Summer months for his Fall hunting season, so this is a great way to get outside with the little one! My biggest suggestion when choosing one of these backpacks is to make sure it fits comfortably for both Dad and Mom.

Gifts For The Papa Chef

My Dad and my husband both love to cook, but they love to grill and barbecue even more! For me this is a selfish gift because it means I get to enjoy all of the tasty goodness that comes from it! Something I didn’t think we’d use as often as we do is our smoker. I think that next up on the ‘appliance’ shopping list for us is a combo smoker and grill, but for now our Bradley Smoker does the job!

Shop: Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker

If a new grill or smoker is a little out of the budget (I know this is a splurge item), then I suggest something along the same theme that Dad will love: cookbooks. I know that cookbooks are often something you’d see on a Mother’s Day gift list, but here are a few grill and smoker cookbooks that we use in our house on a weekly basis:

smoker cookbooks, cookbooks for dad, fathers day cookbooks, best smoker cookbooks, best cookbooks for smokingShop: Texas BBQ | Project Smoke | Franklin Barbecue
Real BBQ | Be The BBQ Pitmaster

Many of these books offer recipes for dry rubs, marinades, and versatile seasonings. They also offer instructions for smoking and grilling, too, so if your Dad is a novice, these should help to make him a pro!

Drinkable Gifts For Dad

Whiskys & Whiskeys: I myself am a lover of whisky, bourbon in particular. We love to make a good Old Fashioned or pour a nice glass of rye or scotch neat or on the rocks. For the whisky/whiskey loving Dad in your life, I suggest a bottle of either his favourite or something neither of you have tried before! Need a list of recommendations? Check out some of my faves here! Feel like adding in some extras? Why not some spirited accessories like these:

Shop: Decanter | Glass | Ice Moulds

Beers: This year I’ve really tried to focus on shopping local whenever I can and so this Father’s Day, why not treat Dad to an assortment of local beers to try! You never know, he might find a new favourite! If your gift budget is a little larger, I suggest adding some nice pint glasses or this Prospect All Purpose Tasting Set (Crate&Barrel).

Shop: Beer Tasting Set

P.S. One of my favourite local Calgary breweries, Marda Loop Brewing Co. is doing deliveries of growlers and cans!

Local Gifts For Dad

One of my fave local brands in Canada is Local Laundry! Why not treat Dad to some comfy new duds this year! I absolutely live in my Local Laundry crewnecks and my hubby loves their clothes and hats, too!

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If you’re not about clothing for Dad, there is always one of these amazing cabin style pillows that are perfect for a den or game room! Want 15% off your order? Use code: JUSTFORCARLEE15 at checkout! 

Photo Credit: Austin Knibb

Gifts For Dad That Give Back

Sometimes Dads already have everything and it can be tricky to find another “thing” to give them. I recently learned about this incredible initiative called Sock Footage that I’m excited to share with you! Did you know that socks are the most needed, yet least donated item to homeless shelters?

sock footage, gifts that give back, sock subscriptions, homeless charities

Shop: PuckRobot | Beer Mug

I’ve often included the suggestion of fun socks for the men in your life in my gift guides, but this offers a gift for Dad that gives back, too! I recommend a few options here: a pair for Dad, matching pairs for the family or a year’s worth of socks. Sock Footage has a subscription program where they send you two new pairs of socks each month for you and two pairs to donate! For more on Sock Footage and their incredible work, check them out here.

WishSlate App:
Keep Track of Your Gift List!

I love gift giving, but I can find it hard to keep track of what the recipients on my list are looking for. I recently stumbled upon this amazing app called WishSlate where anyone can create an account and add items to a wish list for any occasion (think: Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.). Follow your friends and family and see what’s on their list for the next occasion! It really helps reduce gift giving anxiety, too!

wishslate app, gift giving app, gift registry app, gift list app, gift wishlist appI’ve spoken a number of times about how much I love gift registries and how useful I find them. What the WishSlate app offers is a registry service that is ongoing and requires no specific occasion or life milestone. It’s a way to share what items you’d love all in one place! Check it out here! Download it here!

Want an easier way to shop my Gift Guides? I’m always updating my WishSlate wish list with my must-haves for the most recent occasion, so be sure to follow me (styledtosparkle, of course!).

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