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Cutting down your own Christmas Tree is such a fun holiday tradition!  With the process, though, comes cutting sections off of the trunk or removing branches to make it fit perfectly in your home.

Here are a few ideas of how to re-use the pieces from the tree to create additional holiday decor for your home!

Tree Boughs

Cut-off boughs from your tree are the most versatile and easy pieces to work with.  If you’re really crafty, you can fashion them into a homemade wreath!  I like to tie bunches to outdoor railings (where I’m not concerned about sap leaking!) with a festive ribbon.  You can also tie or glue pinecones here, or other add-ons!


I also like to use mine in and around my Ice Candles outside.

Log Centrepiece

This is a great craft that you can keep to use next year, too!

See full set of directions for Log Centrepiece here.

Log Round Banner


This is a super fun and easy craft to make!

See full set of directions for Log Round Banner here.


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