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By now you know that I love going up the Banff Gondola! It’s where you can catch some of the most beautiful views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. What I love about the Banff Gondola, though, is that my friends at Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection host a series of events at the top for you to enjoy the scenery all year long.

Their most recent event is the Alpenglow Festival and it is definitely worth checking out. But what is ‘Alpenglow‘?

Banff Gondola Alpenglow FestivalIt’s a moment that makes you stop whatever you’re doing and gaze toward summits. Alpenglow—a reddish, pinkish, purplish light in the last minutes of the day spreading across the mountaintops like a coy blanket. It doesn’t last long, but Alpenglow leaves you in a state of wonder.

My Tips for Visiting
The Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival

#1: Go up early (before sunset) to allow yourself enough time to enjoy the daytime views of the valley.

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, views from the Banff Gondola, Banff National Park

The 360 views from the top of the Banff Gondola are spectacular! I suggest heading up a bit early so you can enjoy them in different lights!

#2: Hike to the weather station before dusk.

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, views from the Banff Gondola, Banff National Park, weather station hike banff gondola

If you head up early you’ll have time for a hike before you settle in for Alpenglow! This is a great way to make the most of your Banff Gondola visit.

#3: Settle in by one of the rooftop fire pits!

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, Wine by the fire, wine beside fire pit

Grab a drink at the bar and snuggle in beside the fire. Alpenglow is very cozy and romantic!

#4: Roast some s’mores!

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, roasting s'mores

Roasting s’mores has never been easier or more fun for all ages! These pair perfectly with a hot chocolate (+ with Baileys, too!).

#5: Enjoy the Alpenglow atmosphere, live music and fresh mountain air!

Banff Alpenglow Festival Live Music, Banff Gondola Events

There will be local live music indoors and out throughout the festival.

#6: Wear layers – it is always cooler at the top of the mountain, especially as the sun sets!

Banff Alpenglow Festival, Banff Gondola Events

I know it’s spring, but you’re still in the Canadian Rockies so be sure to dress accordingly!

#7: Feeling a little chilly? Grab a seat inside the dome!

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, views from banff gondola at night

This clear dome is picture perfect and allows you to enjoy the views from a more cozy spot!

#8: Pack a camera! 

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival

You don’t want to miss capturing your memories and these beautiful views!

Be sure to visit Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection for more Alpenglow tips!

Alpenglow Dates: Every Friday & Saturday – Now until April 13th (4pm – 8pm)

Banff Gondola Alpenglow Festival, views from banff gondola at night

Photo Credits: Original Styled to Sparkle Photography + Images From Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection.

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