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I am a huge fan of travel-sized everything, when possible. I still pack things like my electric toothbrush, sunscreen and curling iron in full size, but I try to find whatever I can in a miniature size.

Tip #1: Find Your Everyday Items
in Travel Size

I seek out travel-sized and mini items at my local drug store and beauty boutique searching for the items that I use on a daily basis. Here are some tips for finding your items in travel-size:

#1: Become a Sephora Beauty Insider. Sephora’s rewards program allows you to cash in points for deluxe sized samples. I always cash mine in for mini versions of my favorite products (i.e. travel-sized!).

#2: Sephora’s Beauty-on-the-Fly. You know that section of mini items near the checkout at Sephora? This is where you can find minis of your fave products. Did you know you can also filter your search to ‘mini’ and ‘travel-sized’ on

#3: Look for the ‘travel-sized’ section. Stores like Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walgreens, Target and Wal-mart all have large sections of mini-sized toiletries to choose from.

Tip #2: Decant Items

gotoobs, how to pack lighter, how to pack toiletries, how to pack cosmeticsWhat if it doesn’t come in travel size? Well, then you have the option to “decant” a product into a small bottle or jar. Empty travel-sized bottles are available at all sorts of places. Just be sure to label accordingly so you don’t mix things up or have to guess what they are! My go-tos are GoToobs!

Tip #3: Determine What’s Already Provided to You

Do a little research and see what your hotel provides for you and what your deal breakers are. Can you live with using hotel body wash/soap for a few days? Do they provide a decent hair dryer? When I travelled to Japan, I was surprised to see that each hotel room provided toothbrushes, toothpaste, a hair brush, razors and additional toiletries.

Tip #4: Find Minis of Your Favourite
Hair Tools

I’m one of those girls that can’t leave home without my hair dryer. I’ve become very attached to it and no hotel hair dryer allows me to style my hair the way I do at home. Thankfully, brands like T3 and Drybar have created travel-sized versions of their hair dryers and flat irons.

Tip #5: Determine What You Can
Leave Behind

We all like to pack for potential ‘beauty emergencies’ but do so within reason. Do you really use 3 different highlighters in a week? Pick your favourite and pack that one. I know we all like to think that ‘it isn’t hoarding if it’s makeup’ but there’s only so much room in your suitcase. Some of your favourite makeup items are available in minis, too!

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