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Moisturizing your face is just as important for men as it is for women.  Let me tell you why.

Why moisturize?  Well, there’s a few reasons.  Anti-aging is one.  Let’s face it, Rob Lowe isn’t an ageless wonder by accident – he took care of his skin and moisturizing is the main component of that.  Preventing breakouts, keeping oil at bay and avoiding ingrown hairs are reasons, too.  It’s also the easiest of skin care requirements.

Reason 1: Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin: If your face produces a lot of oil, chances are it’s because you aren’t moisturizing.  I get asked (alot): “Why would I moisturize and add to my already oily skin?”  The answer is simple: if your skin is dry, your face will produce more oil naturally to try to create moisture for your face.  Unfortunately, this leads to breakouts, clogged pores, and sometimes ingrown hairs.  Some parts of your face may require more/less moisture than others, so apply accordingly.  If you suffer from really dry skin, a more intensive formula is worth trying, too.

Reason 2: Preventing Breakouts: We’ve always been taught that we need to dry up all of that oil to keep breakouts from happening, but what we really need to do is add moisture to balance skin to keep excess oil from being produced, which is what leads to breakouts.  Adding adequate moisture helps to balance your skin and prevent these.

Reason 3: Climate: Skin care based on the seasons is important – you may need something with more moisture in the winter months because of the colder and often more dry air, whereas in the summer, you can likely get away with something lighter (maybe with an SPF, too).  Weather and environmental conditions can take their toll on your skin and it’s important to

Reason 4: Hard Water: Another culprit of making your skin dry.  Not everyone has a water softener in their home, or even lives in a single family dwelling where that’s an option.  To top it off, the likelihood of encountering soft water at the gym or in the hockey dressing room is pretty slim.  Hard water will dry your skin out faster, making moisturizing just that much more imperative.

Reason 5: Anti-Aging: Yes, men do tend to get better looking with age, but no one wants floppy turkey-neck when they’re 50, so make sure to not only moisturize your face, but your neck/throat area, too.  Rob Lowe and George Clooney don’t look that great at their age by accident or through good genes only…

Products To Try:

I’ve broken these down into categories and have tested these (on my husband).  None have strong or perfumey scents, either!

MenMoisturizerDaily1. **Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ Energizing Moisture Treatment ($25-$42, Nordstrom).  This one is my #1 choice for a daily moisturizer.  It smells a bit minty (really fresh!) and contains vitamins and a bit of caffeine to wake up sleepy facial muscles.  It’s great for all skin types, absorbs quickly and doesn’t burn when applied post-shave.
This great moisturizer comes in a formula with SPF as well: Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ Energizing Moisture Treatment SPF15 ($25-$35, Nordstrom), just note that the texture differs a bit from the original.

2. Jack Black ‘Double Duty’ Face Moisturizer SPF20 ($28, Nordstrom).  This moisturizer features a ton of natural ingredients and vitamins and is completely fragrance free.  It also offers really long-lasting hydration (all day!) and contains anti-irritants as well.

3. PROFILE ‘Lift’ Anti-Gravity Daily Moisturizer ($57.50, Nordstrom).  This skincare line was created by Rob Lowe himself.  This is not only a great moisturizer, but it also helps to even out skin tone, which not a lot of men’s products offer.

4. Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion ($26, Nordstrom).  I’ve used this one myself – it is really similar to the women’s products, which I like alot.  This is a gentle, long-lasting formula and is also available with an SPF: Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion SPF21 ($26, Nordstrom).

MensMoistureOilControl1. Kiehl’s ‘Oil Eliminator’ 24-Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer ($27, Nordstrom).  This one is quite similar to the Facial Fuel (above), but helps to eliminate excess oil and reduce visible pores.  This is definitely something to try if you suffer from breakouts.

2. Jack Black All-Day Oil-Control Lotion ($28, Nordstrom).  This certified organic and 100% vegan formula helps control oil and shine all day long.

3. Clinique for Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer ($26, Nordstrom).  This is 100% fragrance free and helps control oil and mattifies skin.  It’s a far gentler formula than the other two, so if you need a bit more kick to the oil, this isn’t your best choice.

MensMoistureAntiAge1. Kiehl’s ‘Facial Fuel’ Heavy Lifting Firming, Lifting, Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer ($40, Nordstrom).  This anti-aging cream exfoliates the surface of your face while fortifying the under layers of your skin’s structure.  This one is specifically formulated for men’s coarser, thicker sin.  Kiehl’s boasts some of the most cost-effective anti-aging treatments out there!

2. Jack Black ‘Line Smoother’ Face Moisturizer ($30, Nordstrom).  This formula is ultra-lightweight which you don’t always find in an anti-aging cream.  It also helps to exfoliate skin of dull, old cells and controls discoloration.  This is a great choice!

3. Clinique for Men Anti-Age Moisturizer ($37, Nordstrom).  100% fragrance free, this formula helps to firm up and strengthen skin over time.  It is a bit more expensive than other formulas because of its anti-aging ingredients.

jack black dry eraseOther: Jack Black ‘Dry Erase’ Face Cream ($38, Nordstrom).  This product was worth including as it helps to manage extra dry skin but also calms redness and irritated skin.  It fights fine lines, provides all-day moisture and mattifies skin.  This is a great choice if you have more sensitive skin but are still looking for anti-aging ingredients in your daily moisturizer.


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