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Place Card Holders

How to Use Place Cards and Place Card Holders

Weddings: Not only do place cards help you organize your wedding party and keep track of guests themselves, as well as supplies needed, they also make guests feel special. The cards themselves can also be used to signify table numbers, keeping the venue ordered and making it easier for guests to navigate. For modern weddings, look to sleek metal card holders in classic shapes. For more whimsical affairs, experiment with unique shapes, such as birds, and constructions, like birch.

Holiday Parties: Typically special occasions that bring in a sizable crowd of friends, family and neighbors, these gatherings are the perfect excuse to create an elaborate tablescape—one that includes place cards. If you set up a separate kids' table, make them feel as grown up as the adults at the big table by naming their placemats as well. Look for sturdy holders that could potentially withstand a beating. Clip holders tightly secure papers, potentially keeping them from slipping out if the holder is accidentally knocked over.

Cheese and Wine Tastings: While wine tasting parties can be held during any time of the year, they feel especially elegant during the spring and summer. If you choose to host it outdoors, set the table with rustic wood place card holders. Natural birch has a chic farmhouse look. If you're serving cheese alongside the wine, coordinate with mini slates—they complement the soapstone cheeseboards, and you can write directly on them with chalk.

Potlucks: Potlucks are an excellent way to bring separate groups of friends together. When setting the table, write both the name of the guest and the dish that they brought to share on the paper. It's a great conversation-starter, gives more insight into the food and creates a social ease for the gathering.

Work Parties: Up the elegance of a celebratory gathering, cocktail hour or office holiday party with personalized place cards. Switch it up and set the table based on guests' job titles instead of their names. Or, to make employees feel special, write a personal message of encouragement or appreciation for their hard work on the back with their names on the front.

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