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Though it'd be nice to illuminate our homes solely with natural sunlight, supplemental lighting is a necessity. Not only can a floor lamp function as a unique, standalone style statement, but it can also illuminate other furniture and home decor you want to highlight in a space, all while providing an atmospheric glow to the room.

How To Arrange It

When arranging the lighting fixture, try not to place it too closely to a window. The light will likely reflect off the glass and create and unsightly glare. More importantly, remember that you will have to plug the cord in, so either place it near an outlet or use an extension cord. If the light it located in a high traffic area in your home, be wary about cord placement—minimize exposed cord by nestling the line into the space where the carpet or hardwood meets the wall trim and securing with small adhesive strips or hooks. Floor lighting saves you the time and energy of ceiling lighting installation—no need to drill holes in the walls or wire electricity. To give your living room, dining room or bedroom the look and feel of chandelier lighting, consider using arc floor lamps. The graceful curve of the design directs light to the center of the room from a side wall or corner. Its excellent reach makes it a viable option for spaces with large furniture like sectional sofas, as it projects ample lighting with a relatively small footprint and can easily be tucked away behind the furniture.

Remember to take height into account when choosing and arranging lamps. Compare the base and stand height to both the ceiling and the sitting height of the bed, chairs and sofas. Make sure it stands tall enough that it won't intrude upon guests' vision, and not so tall that it doesn't cast enough light downwards. To draw the eye vertical and bring more attention to your wall art and home accents, choose a tall, thin style that will also complement and balance any short, smaller table lamps in the room.

Features to Consider

Adjustable necks allow for maximum movement. Pivot and angle the neck to focus and refocus the spotlight and personalize the look of the lighting. The usability also allows you to play with shadows and create drama for an evening gathering, dinner party or movie night. Control the brightness, too, with a high/low socket switch. Change the luminosity depending on the time of day or night, the weather and the mood of the space. A dimmer gives you even more control, letting you create a customized ambiance for various settings and events. If accessibility is a concern, look at switch placement. Either an on-off line switch of an on-off foot switch may be more convenient for you, depending on lamp placement and your needs.

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