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Listening Session With Taylor Swift: 1989 | Part 1

Explore the production and songwriting process behind Taylor Swift’s chart-topping fifth album, 1989, with Swift herself. In this intimate listening session presented by the Nashville Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing, Swift shares never-before-heard demos and personal cell phone videos from her experience crafting 1989 with co-executive producer Max Martin.

In Part 1 of this three-part series, Swift recounts the musical journey that led to 1989 and dissects the creation of “Blank Space,” recorded with Max Martin and Shellback. Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 which explore Swift’s collaborations with Jack Antonoff on “Out of the Woods,” Ryan Tedder on “I Know Places,” Imogen Heap on “Clean,” and Max Martin and Shellback on “Shake It Off.”

WATCH PART 2: Swift explores her collaborations with Jack Antonoff on “Out of the Woods” and Ryan Tedder on “I Know Places."  

WATCH PART 3: Swift discusses working with Imogen Heap on “Clean,” and Max Martin and Shellback on “Shake It Off."   

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