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One of my favorite places to go for breakfast when I travel to Thunder Bay, Ontario is The Hoito.  It’s located in one of my favorite areas of the city in Port Arthur: where Bay Street meets Algoma.  It’s a fun place to go for breakfast and then walk around and check out the local shops.


Background Info: The Hoito Restaurant (often referred to as “The Hoito” by locals) is a Finnish-Canadian restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada established in 1918 and housed in the bottom floor of the historic Finnish Labour Temple. The Hoito has operated continuously on 314 Bay Street, in the Finnish quarter, for 91 years and is perhaps the oldest co-operatively owned and operated restaurant in Canada.

For me, this place has sentimental value.  I’ve eaten there since I was a kid.  My grandparents grew up in this neighbourhood.  My grandfather used to play basketball and go to dances and socials in the Finlandia Club upstairs (shown above).  He used to eat at the counter in the “coffee shop” of the restaurant with boarders who lived in his home.

The restaurant is a big tourist destination in town and it was even featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here!  They even feature their famous Finnish Pancake recipe here.

IMG_0135I always order the Finnish Pancakes with bacon and 2 eggs, over-easy with coffee.  If you’ve never had Finnish Pancakes, you’re missing out – they are so tasty.  I’ve only ever eaten breakfast here, but everything that comes out of the kitchen smells and looks delicious!

TIP: Get there early – there’s a lineup any day of the week, but it moves quickly and it’s worth the wait.

Address: 314 Bay St, Thunder Bay, ON

Click link for more info on the history of the Finlandia Club – Hoito Restaurant!  Follow Hoito Restaurant on Facebook, too!

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