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When my husband and I built our home over 6 years ago, we were not allowed to make any exterior color changes until 5 years had passed (due to architectural controls).  As we weren’t the first to choose our exterior finishings, many of the exciting color combinations were already taken, so we settled on some great neutrals and a beige front door.  Yes, beige.  Sigh.  But now that time has passed and we can update our colors to anything we’d like!

The front door to our home is a bit oversized (8 feet tall, 3 feet wide) as we wanted it to be easy to move furniture and other large pieces in and out as well as make our entrance a bit more grand.

When deciding to re-paint our front door, I wanted to stick with something neutral, but also give a contrast and color pop.  Our siding is a darker grey/beige and our other trim is a dark taupe.  I like staying neutral as I enjoy changing up colors of flowers each year, decorating for different holidays, etc.  I also like to keep things fairly classic and traditional, but not too boring.  I also wanted something that I wouldn’t get sick of.

We settled on a great navy blue (Color: Benjamin Moore #2063-10 Old Navy) as it matched the siding and existing trim colors.  We also chose the paint in a low-lustre as our door does not see much sun exposure because our front deck/porch is covered.

Painting your front door is an easy and inexpensive way to update the exterior of your home.  This project only took a couple of hours and a small quart of paint.  The best part is the color options are endless!

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Rug: Color-Bound Natural Sizal Rug (black), Pottery Barn
Flower Planter: Zinc Planter, Sunnyside Green House (local)
Door Paint Color: Benjamin Moore #2063-10 Old Navy

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