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I have naturally curly hair and a lot of it. When purchasing a new straightening iron, I had a few concerns from whether or not it would damage my hair, how effectively it worked (would I have to go over the same strands multiple times?), size, heat levels, etc. This was going to be an investment tool as it is something I would use every day (even just for touchups or fixing my bangs).

T3 Flat IronT3 – SinglePass Compact Flat Iron$79

I settled on the compact version of this iron as I travel a lot and it came with a cover that snaps over the irons so you can toss it in a bag. Its small size was a bit of an adjustment at first (it is smaller than traditional irons), but it had all of the power of its full-sized counterpart with all of the convenience I required.

The words “SinglePass” in the title are almost entirely true – like I said before, I have a lot of naturally curly hair, so a few sections need 2-3 passes, but that is normal for me with any iron. This iron doesn’t damage my hair (which is also chemically treated) and I found that my ends were more sealed and my hair looked smoother and healthier. Also worth noting is the swivel cord, which makes it easier to use, especially if you are using it for curls or waves.

If the compact version doesn’t sound doable for you, check out this iron’s full-size version: T3 – SinglePass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron, $160

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