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Storing things like ribbon, bows, tissue paper and gift bags can be overwhelming.  It’s also hard to keep these things in good shape if they’re all just tossed into one big box.  I find that if things are separated out and I can see what I already have, then I don’t end up purchasing duplicates.

Here are some tips to keep things easily accessible and in good condition!  You never know when you’re going to have to quickly wrap something and head out the door!          IMG_9803Drawers: I have a tall drawer unit (IKEA – ANTONIUS system) that I have put on small casters to easily move it.

Ribbon: I like to keep smaller spools of ribbon sorted so they don’t get tangled together.  I use ziploc bags to sort by color and then keep them all in a drawer.


Bows: I like to sort mine by color and then keep mini and fancier ones in a separate box.

Tissue Paper: I fold and sort my tissue paper by color and then separate them into individual bags.  I stand them up file-folder style in a box.

Gift Tags & Cards: I like to keep cards in small boxes and gift tags sorted in small bags.  I don’t like to have Christmas/Holiday and All-Occasion tags getting mixed up.

Blank Cards & Thank You Notes: I keep a selection of these in a cupboard in my office for easy access as they are something I use more frequently than my entire wrapping stash.

Re-Useable Gift Bags: Everyone likes to re-use gift bags that they are given – they are definitely a more environmentally sustainable wrapping choice.  I sort mine between Holiday and All-Occasion and then by size so that I can find what I need if I’m in a rush.  I like to keep wine gift bags separate as well – you never know when you need to grab one when you’re heading out the door!

Gift Boxes: Many boxes can be folded down flat and then stacked in a drawer.  I keep treat boxes and bags in a drawer with these, too!


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