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Fit. Power. Performance. These three words are the foundation of the miracle that is Superfeet insoles. I first found out about Superfeet while I was getting a new pair of goalie skates about 7 years ago. I had tried on maybe 4 or 5 pairs of skates and I kept feeling this pressure point by my toes. The sales associate offered to put these yellow insoles in my skates to make them more comfortable, and as soon as he put them in my skates the pressure was immediately gone! It was a difference of night-and-day.

I’m not sure how many of you have suffered from foot pain.  Whether it’s from being on you feet all day, or maybe you’re like my sister who picks shoes for their style over their comfort (sorry Jamie, I know I’m just as guilty), we can almost all agree sore feet can make your day pretty unbearable and this pain can transfer into other parts of your body from mal-alignment, etc.

After I put Superfeet in my hockey skates, I soon bought two more pairs – one for my everyday sneakers that I wear for work, and the other I put in my gym shoes. Obviously they are known for their comfort but the support made a world of difference being on my feet all day at work, in the 7 years that I have been wearing them in my shoes I have yet to have a day with foot pain. Secondly, the performance I got by slipping the insole into my gym shoes made a world of difference in my power and my balance….and this is coming from a self-proclaimed klutz.

Now what makes Superfeet different from the Dr. Scholl’s insoles you can buy at the grocery store?  To keep the science simple, Superfeet insoles are 3-dimensional insoles designed for our 3-dimensional feet.  The insoles found typically in our shoes (or skates) are 2-Dimensional insoles, which do nothing for 3-Dimensional feet. The uniqueness of Superfeet lies in its heel cup support, unlike every other insole, which is called an “arch support”.  Superfeet label their insoles as a “heel support.”  The difference is a heel support insole impacts the entire foot including the arch, whereas an arch support only targets the arch of a foot.

Now Superfeet, are not just for hockey skates, the company originally started making insoles for ski and snowboard boots, and now they currently have an entire line of insoles for men, women and children. No matter what your foot shape or size there is an insole that’s right for you. It does not matter if you live in sneakers, high heels, hiking boots, dress shoes, or flats – their variety of insoles offer something for everyone.

They retail for between $49.99 to $59.99 CAD depending on if the insoles you are interested in are carbon based or not.  Probably the best feature I can tell you about Superfeet is that all of their insoles come with a 60 Day try-and-play guarantee. They want you to use them for a full two months and you can still return them used and all with no questions asked!

Check out their website to see their entire line of insoles or head into any retail sports or outdoors store to get sized and see the their products in person.

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