Winter Accessories: Warm & Fashionable Hats, Mitts & Scarves

Winter is cold. There’s no way around it. It’s just something us northerners have to live with for 4 to 6 months each year. Outerwear is an inevitability, and keeping warm is a must…but sacrificing fashion sense and personal style are not!

How you style your outerwear can be a direct expression of your personal style. For me, having lived my entire life in Canada, outerwear and cold weather accessory choices are just as important to my outfits as a stack of bracelets or the right statement necklace. I actually prefer outwear accessorizing…

No one ever thinks twice about having multiple pairs of shoes for creating memorable outfits. It’s also not deemed silly to have different shoes for different athletic activities. For me, winter accessories fit the same criteria! I have a friend who wears the same ratty old toque for everything…to which I politely roll my eyes.

I love being active outdoors in the winter months but I also live in a city where I like to dress up and go to dinner and various events. And when it feels like it’s -1000 outside, you best bundle up…but fashionably!

This is my guide to styling your outerwear appropriately for all cold weather situations!

Hats: Toques & Beanies

I keep a variety of knit winter hats in my wardrobe. I keep hats for different “levels of coldness” as I call them. I also have “fancy toques” for wearing with dress coats, loose beanies for cooler spring/fall outfits and a variety of whimsical pom-pom-ed choices in between.

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Mittens & Gloves

Hand warmth matters! You can’t accomplish much when those digits are numb. Some prefer gloves (especially those tactile texting ones) but I am always a knit woollen mitten girl. They’re one of my favorite gifts to receive and if I wear one piece of outerwear, you can met mitts are it!

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Oh, the scarf. Seemingly the stereotypical blogger staple piece for looking oh so basic. I find that scarves have the longest shelf life of the winter accessories and when cared for properly can last for years to come. A great scarf can dress up any winter outfit.

I like my scarves to be as basic as they come. I look for quality knits that are lightweight so I can wear them in spring and fall as well. A lightweight scarf lends better to layering it upon itself, too.

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I’ve been chatting about how you can accessorize your outerwear, but what do you need when it comes to outwear? Check out my Canadian Girl’s Guide to Winter Outerwear where I share every piece of outerwear you’ll need to get you from October to April! You can also check out Best in Vests – a list of my favourite puffers for every activity!


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