April Showers Bring…The Need For Rain Boots!

April showers should theoretically bring May flowers, but where I live, they’re often accompanied by slush and snow. Living in Canada, there are several boot seasons. Inclement weather means a variety of footwear to get you through the year…and potentially several seasons in one day.

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We’ve discussed Winter-to-Spring Transition Outerwear, but it’s important that we talk about footwear, too. Here’s why you can’t live without a pair of rain boots for spring or fall!

The Solution: Cute Rain Boots!

These “rainy” (i.e. snow/rain, sleet, slush) days call for a boot that is waterproof, but still stylish. These boots also need not be too warm – it isn’t winter, the temperatures aren’t frigid (despite the sight of some snow) so you don’t want your feet to overheat.

Styles Short & Tall

Rainwear is a normal part of my Canadian-Outerwear-Wardrobe so I’ve invested in a few options. I have two rain coats and two pairs of rain boots. In both cases, I’ve invested in quality pieces that might cost a little more, but they’ll last me for years.

Shop: Rain Boots | Rain Trench

How To Shop For Rain Boots

#1: Colour

Rain boots come in so many wonderful colours now, it’s amazing. For me, I have two pairs – a tall pair in Navy (more classic) and a short pair in a glossy light pink (a little more fun). Rain boots are meant to be fun, so if you have a signature colour, why not opt for a pair that pops?!

#2: Fit

Something I love about Hunter Boots, specifically, is that they offer a number of styles with adjustable backs. As someone with what we’ll call “athletic” calves, these are a lifesaver. They also make getting in and out of the boots a little easier. Don’t worry – boot socks will still work with adjustable styles.

#3: Comfort

Make sure you take a good walk around in these boots because if they aren’t comfortable, you won’t wear them, no matter how cute they look. If all else fails, I suggest popping a pair of Superfeet insoles in them – I wear them in most of my shoes and they’re a lifesaver! They also have some merino wool ones that will keep your feet a little warmer!

#4: Style

The style that you choose really comes down to how you’re going to be wearing them! If you’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the garden, I suggest a more matte finish because they’ll hose off nicely. If you’re wearing them more for style and keeping your feet dry around town, why not opt for a glossy set (slightly more fashionable).

pink hunter boots, short pink hunter boots, gloss light pink hunter boots, hunter rain boots

#5: Durability & Quality

Rain boots first and foremost need to be waterproof (seems obvious enough). I suggest spending a little more on your boots here – these aren’t something you’re going to be purchasing every year and a quality pair will last you quite awhile. I think it’s worth investing a little. If you’re worried about durability, know that most scuffs in glossy boot styles can be wiped out with a special cleaning solution.

Shop: Rain Boots | Rain Trench

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