Sisley Paris: French Beauty For The Real Girl

Recently I attended an invite-only event in Toronto hosted by Sisley Paris where I was able to try out their skin care, colour cosmetics and fragrances. I learned about the products directly from brand reps, makeup artists and other professionals.

I’m really excited to share with you some snapshots from the event, what I learned along the way and what I truly love about Sisley Paris. Don’t worry – I’ve included my favourite products, too!

Why I Love Sisley Paris…
…and You Should, Too!

Sisley Paris products are beautiful inside and out. There’s no denying the beautiful lines and simplicity of the packaging. I love products that compel me to display them on my vanity. With these products, beauty is ‘more than skin deep’. Their skin care is created with plant-based ingredients and their colour cosmetics contain the same natural skin care ingredients, too.

“Phyto-cosmetology is the concept at the centre of Sisley’s creations and relates to using the best plant-based extracts in order to create the best cosmetics.”

Products are heavily tested by researchers, toxicologists and dermatologists to ensure their safety, efficacy and excellence. Sisley Paris also ensures the sustainability of the plants that they harvest for their products as well as the facilities in which they are manufactured.

Current Faves From Sisley Paris

I was fortunate enough to test out their entire product lineup and have definitely come out with some favourites! Let’s start with their cosmetics.

Sisley Paris Makeup Cosmetics Flat Lay, Styled to Sparkle, Makeup Flat Layshown: Stylo Lumière, Instant Correct, Instant Perfect, Phyto-Poudre Libre

I love natural makeup – I love makeup that’s made of natural ingredients and I love the “natural” look. I prefer when makeup accentuates my features rather than creating a mask on my face. The products shown above are all lightweight and perfect for giving you a natural, healthy glow. For example…

Styled to Sparkle x Sisley Paris, Carlee KrtolicaWhat I’m Wearing: Stylo Lumière in Shade 2 – Peach Rose

How To Apply: Makeup artist extraordinaire, Alexandra Weinstein of Alexandra Jaye Cosmetics, lightly applied the Stylo Lumière on my brow bones, orbital bones, cupid’s bow, and a little on my cheeks using only her fingertips.

The result? A natural glow without adding any extra “makeup bulk” or weight to my face. No shimmer accentuating my fine lines, no unnatural metallic finish.

Before: Before this simple addition to my makeup, I was wearing powder foundation, some concealer under my eyes, blush, matte vanilla eyeshadow and eyeliner. What a difference the Stylo Lumière made!

Why I love it? I love Stylo Lumière because it’s highlighting without shimmer. As we age, we develop fine lines and that are noticeably emphasized by any sparkle, glitter or metallic finish on our skin, making it next to impossible to find a highlighter for adult skin. Basically what I’m saying here is that this is a product you can use to accentuate your natural glow, without accentuating any signs of aging.

What I’m also loving for my natural glow:

Skin Care Faves From Sisley Paris

When it comes to skin care there are always a few criteria that I have: texture, fragrance and efficacy. Sisley Paris skin care meets all my criteria! Their textures are incredible – even a moisturizer that provides deep conditioning feels soft and lightweight. Nothing feels heavy on your skin.

Because their products are made from plant-extracts, the scents are natural, too. There’s nothing artificial causing sensory overload, in fact, all scents are light, fresh and sometimes energizing.

Currently loving: Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, SISLEŸA L’Intégral Anti-Age, Mattifying Moisturizing Skin Care with Tropical Resins

Based on First Impressions: I haven’t tried any of these products on a regular basis (or for any measurable period of time) so I can’t speak to their overall efficacy for me, but I’m definitely hoping to give them a try long term. They fit all my criteria!

A Review of Sisley Paris

To be completely candid, I’ve always liked Sisley Paris, so when given the opportunity to explore their products in such an in-depth way, I knew it would be worth it. I also tend to be quite brand loyal, so I look to brands that I can trust when trying new products. Our skin changes as we age and our needs change as we enter different phases of our lives, too.

Sisley Paris has something that will work for everyone.

Anti-aging products and targeted treatments? They’ve got them. Skin care for dry skin, damaged skin, combination skin or an oily t-zone? They’ve covered those, too. Makeup created from natural ingredients in natural shades that help you look like you have a natural glow? You bet, girl.

Sisley Paris Cosmetics, applying makeup with a brush

I’m picky about the products that I use and even more discerning when I recommend them to you. This isn’t to say that you won’t love everything that I love, but know that this comes from a deep place of honesty. I think by now you know that I’m a natural beauty girl (when possible) and that I’m always looking for “clean beauty” for myself and my readers.

Sisley Paris has products that you can use for years to come. 

Many of you have come to me with questions about skin care that you can use through the different phases of your life because constantly switching to the “next best thing” is tedious. Some of you are only starting to consider anti-aging products while others have been trying different lines for years. Many of you are pregnant or in that space of TTC or just wanting to have a cleaner lifestyle overall – and that includes no only what goes in your body, but on your body as well.

Sisley Paris is genuinely lovely. 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “It’s easy to be wowed when a brand invites you to an event and there’s pretty flowers and French pastries and makeup and photography professionals and so on…” The honest answer is “kind of”. I’ve always been one to try and look past presentation because at the end of the day as much as I’ll want to photograph pretty packaging (I’m a blogger after all!), the reality is that I’ll be putting these products on my face and body and suggesting that you do, too, so I want to get it right.

I can firmly say that if you’re looking to switch your skin care to something that’s not only effective, but actually good for you, then look no further than Sisley Paris.

Styled to Sparkle x Sisley Paris, Carlee KrtolicaBackdrop: EazyWallz @eazywallz,Blooms: Willow & Stems @willowandstems

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Flowers and Macarons Flat Lay, Blooms: Willow & Stems @willowandstems, Macarons: Nadège @NadegeTorontoBlooms: Willow & Stems @willowandstems, Macarons: Nadège @NadegeToronto


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