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Last December, I was introduced to routine cream natural deodorant. I’d met the founders at a local small business event and they are just the cutest! They told me all about their product and gave me an array of samples to try. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “wow, Carlee – that was almost 7 months ago, how could you have waited so long to write this?” That’s fair, but I wanted to use the product through the seasons and see how it fit my lifestyle so I could give you the full picture.

I Can Be Wary of ‘Natural’ Products

Although I really do love natural products, I don’t like anything that’s too ‘weird’, if that makes sense? I’m all for using coconut oil for a variety of beauty needs (hair masque anyone?) but I’m not the type of person who is going to start using beet juice in lieu of my NARS blush (there is no way other than an actual orgasm to capture the glow that their Orgasm blush provides!).

I don’t like to stray too far from Sephora…but like I said, I LOVE natural products and things that are safe for my body…just as long as they are effective and don’t make me smell like a burlap sack. Some of the natural food shops in my city smell like what I can only assume a 60s hippie commune (insert thoughts of eating kohlrabi and never shaving my legs again – PS: I don’t like weird veggies and that was the weirdest one I could think of). I’d tried natural deodorants before and found them to be ineffective and odd smelling. Knowing how thin the skin is under my arms, I know that products are absorbed very quickly and should be thoughtfully considered.

You see, I can be a bit of a sweaty girl (sorry if this is TMI, but it’s the truth). I sweat when I vacuum my house, when I play hockey, when I sit outside in hot weather, when I’m in a humid climate…you get the picture. The thing is, I don’t like some of the chemicals and ingredients that are found in anti-perspirants and deodorants that are out there, but some of the natural options just don’t work as effectively as I’d like them to…”do I have BO?” is a question I think my husband is tired of answering…I’d been using TOMS natural deodorant for awhile but just wasn’t seeing the ‘results’ I was looking for.

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A New Hope For a Sweaty Girl

Enter Routine Cream. After meeting the routine girls, I tried the samples they had give me. It was December, so it was the perfect time to test it out during sweater season…and hockey season. I also went to Florida over the holidays where it was unseasonably hot and quite humid. I wore it when I was in DC in the spring and it was muggy as hell. I used it on days that I went to the gym, days that I played hockey, days when I went to the dog park, gardened and did some hard manual labor landscaping in my backyard. I wore it to blistering hot Stampede events and just plain every day. I gave this stuff a good hard honest try…

…and I’m never using anything else. Unless something happens and I all of a sudden don’t need to wear deodorant every day, this will be my go-to. This stuff seriously works and it works well. I don’t know how these girls came up with their formulas and I don’t care – this stuff is the bees knees (all puns very much intended!). I didn’t think I’d ever get so excited about something like deodorant, but this stuff is fantastic and I think you need to give it a try!

Why I Like Routine So Much:

  • I don’t have to reapply later in the day – I apply it once and I’m good to go no matter what my day throws at me (workouts, hockey, heat, anything!).
  • It comes in so many different scents and even unscented that I can choose the right one for me – and it doesn’t make me smell like an old person (or what I imagine Phyllis from The Office smells like).
  • It rubs in immediately – NO WHITE MARKS! As someone who often changes their mind on what they are going to wear or wears multiple outfits in one day (hey! I’m a blogger, ok!?!), once it’s been applied, you’re good to go.
  • I found it to work as both a deodorant and antiperspirant. My apparent sweatiness has subsided.
  • All natural ingredients – which means what I’m absorbing into my body is safe and won’t harm me.
  • They have cute names! Like the fun of knowing the name of your pedi shade, these have cute names – and clever tag lines.
  • This product is not only Made in Canada (which is great), but it is made right here in Calgary where I live! I love supporting local boss babes and these two are just that!
  • Routine also gives back to the community and the environment!

My Personal Faves

The creams come in a ton of different scents, some more feminine or masculine than others. They’re always adding great new products, too, so be sure to keep watching! These four just happen to be my personal faves (click to shop):





Routine is available in shops all over North America as well as online!

Their products are easy to shop for whatever your needs or lifestyle choices require (i.e. vegan or otherwise). They’ve created a simple legend for their four different formulas whether you want vegan, beeswax, with or without baking soda…they’ve thought of everything. Each product also has a very clear listing of its ingredients so you don’t have to be afraid of allergic reactions either! (P.S. there are formulas for extra sensitive skin, too!).Not sure which one you love? Get a few of their 5g Samples ($4.99 each) or a 12 Scent Sample Pack shown above ($52.99). These 5g jars are perfect for travel so pick up a few of your fave!

Other Uses

As mentioned above, I’m a bit of a sweaty girl…which means I sweat in multiple places. One of the useful places that I have found for using this deodorant is on the bottoms of my feet in the summer. I personally hate wearing socks, but love cute sneakers, so this keeps my both my feet and shoes dry and not stinky (I’ve had to throw a few pairs out after summer wear…sigh). The other useful place I’ve tried is behind my knees. I know it sounds silly, but when it is hella hot out and you’re sitting and sweat starts dripping down your calves….yeah. Trust me.

Cream Deodorant & The Man

I have to say that my husband and a few other gents that I’ve spoken with who’ve tried this did find it a bit tricky/uncomfortable to apply to themselves because of armpit hair…a stick or spray are just simpler. Although it’s a bit messy for the guys, it’s still super effective (I made my husband wear it while playing hockey!).

All About Routine.

Want to know more about Routine Cream before you try it? Interested in the story of how Routine came to be? Read all about it here! There’s even instructions on how to apply it properly, how long each jar will last…basically anything you’d ever need to know about this product!

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica