Cold Weather Accessories 2017: The Best Toques, Mitts & Scarves

When you live in a cold climate, accessories like mittens, toques and beanies aren’t just required for warmth – they’re essential outfit accessories! Just as earrings or shoes dress up a LBD to make it feel fresh again, these accessories do that to your staple winter coats! Here are my favorite toques, mittens and scarves of the season! *shop them all by clicking the images below! 

Toques & Beanies

If you’re at the ski hill or the dog park, a warm toque is the ticket! I love how cute these styles are and most of them fit loose enough to not flatten your blowout for when you come back indoors!


I usually prefer mittens to gloves, but there are so many cute glove styles this year that I had to include them, too! Cozy, classic or whimsical – there’s a style here for you that will keep your digits warm!


I love having a variety of scarves in the winter, especially with neutral colored jackets and vests. These are a fun way to add some color, warmth and style to your outerwear ensemble!


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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica


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