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Loire Valley, France Travel Guide


On our most recent trip to France we decided to take a few days and explore the Loire Valley, an area of country side found just south of Paris. One of our favourite things to do is rent a car and go and explore the rural areas and smaller centres of a country to get a real sense of everyday life there.

We wanted to visit some of the châteaux, taste the wines and cheeses of the region and just enjoy a more relaxed pace of life than what can be found in a large city like Paris. So often a European vacation turns into more of a ‘trip’ than a ‘vacation’ when you’re hurrying from one city to another, waiting in lines for museums and cathedrals crowded among the other tourists.

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This 14 Page Guide Includes Things Like:

  • Logistics: When to Go, Where to Stay, How to Get Around
  • Things to See & Do
  • Where & What to Eat
  • Where to Shop & What to Buy
  • How to tailor your trip to the Loire Valley to your interests!
  • All the details and best travel tips you’ll need!

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